It is not enough to eat less meat! A comprehensive understanding, to overcome it – the Sohu Sohu health doctor source of cloves as the saying goes: know thyself, know yourself. Gout treatment is also a war, the war between us and gout. But do we really know about high uric acid, gout? I believe that many patients just a smattering of "", so the treatment effect is not good. We hope that through this article can have a comprehensive understanding of high uric acid, gout. The fundamental reason is the high uric acid, gout pain patients often ask "gout pain, is not on the tube, do not take medicine? Of course, the answer is no.. Joint pain is only the external manifestations of gout, the fundamental problem is the excessive concentration of uric acid. When the concentration of uric acid in the blood exceeds the solubility, uric acid will precipitate and form solid uric acid crystals in the joints. This is like a bowl of water to salt, at the beginning of the added salt can be dissolved; when adding too much salt solubility over, salt is not dissolved, and a layer of salt crystals formed at the bottom of the bowl. Eyes can not tolerate the sand, the big toe, knee and other joint cavity can not contain urate crystals. The key to avoid the onset of gout is lower blood uric acid if not because of gout attacks, will improve the way of life, taking drugs to lower uric acid, high uric acid that problems will continue to exist, more urate crystal deposition in the joints. The result is: gout attacks more frequently, originally a year a pain, a pain several times a month; the formation of uric acid crystals more tophus, causing joint deformation; the formation of kidney tophi, even renal failure. By continuing to reduce uric acid, it is not only possible to dissolve the already formed urate crystals (or gout stones), but also to reduce the frequency of gout attacks. Therefore, "not" is not equal to the onset of gout gout "good" does not mean "can not diet, do not take medicine.". Not only is the problem of high uric acid meat "food will cause gout." this is the consensus of everyone, because these foods contain a lot of purine, purine metabolism will for uric acid in the body, so as to direct the level of uric acid and even induce gout. However, some patients also encountered such a problem: "do not eat meat, but also the gout attack". The paradox is that eating high purine foods is one of the reasons for high uric acid levels. About 20% of uric acid in the body comes from food, while the other is produced by the metabolism of the body itself by about 80%. That is to say, even if you eat less meat, complete low purine diet can only reduce uric acid by 60 mol L, which is not enough for high uric acid friends. Uric acid is not a bad thing, but in the food, it can increase the level of blood uric acid, but almost all natural foods, such as rice, vegetables, pork, fish, and so on, contain purines. Therefore, it is impossible to completely avoid the purine in food, and it is not necessary. At the same time, uric acid is not a bad thing, it has been found that: the level of serum uric acid in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, lower than.

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