The following is the third article in a series of three on how to achieve success as a Financial Advisor. The twenty-first secret is expect to receive and learn to receive and to say thank you. Expect to receive by acknowledging that you asked for the result when you received it. Believe it! Many people invalidate what they asked for with the first thing that comes out of their mouths is, "I don’t believe it!" Believe it, you asked for it. When you receive say, "thank you". Period. That is it. Thank you. Nothing more. Many people compound their unmet need of worthiness by saying something like the following when they receive a compliment "Oh it was it nothing". In fact, they just made it into nothing. The twenty-second secret is to add feelings in your vision. * I am so happy and grateful that we are providing thousands of clients with value through speaking and writing and I feel abundant, appreciation, energized, inspired, fulfilled, happy, joy, satisfaction and wonderful. Positive feelings carry a positive frequency and like attracts like. Right brain positive feelings combine with your left brain positive beliefs and integrate with your values to synergize creating the irresistible force of attraction that turn your dream into reality. The twenty-third secret is build up your feelings and frequency by creating ways to see, hear and feel the experience of the success that you want in advance. Do something as simple as test drive a car or view a home or visit the travel agent. My strategies included having the book cover created in advance by Kim Black and this is because the visual trigger will cause me to write. Click My New Book Cover to view. As I write this I’m noticing that I am very much in the writing experience and my heart is filled with excitement as the next writing will be invested in my book. The vision is written. I’ve created the time over the holiday season, I have the environment and I have the material. For me, another strategy is to attend speaking events of 1000 people or more … wait a minute … that may not be necessary as I just remembered that I have been on stage with Tony Robbins with 3000 people back in 1992 and I still have those vivid pictures in my mind … I will still attend speaking events to experience inspiration. Another strategy is to visualize and relive my experience of being on the Saturday morning news on BCTV News on Global Television. This time around I will be on many, many TV programs being interviewed about my book and that will include Harpo Productions and Harpo is Oprah spelled backwards. And why not! As Stewart Smalley would say from Saturday Night Live "I’m nice enough, I’m smart enough and not only that, people like me". As you can see, writing can get you into feeling joy and humor! * Simon Reilly on BCTV News on Global Television The twenty-fourth secret is to be awake. You can increase your awareness by starting your day with giving thanks and continue to give thanks over the course of the day. Thomas O’Neill, of Thomas O’Neill Jr. & Associates, told me about a study from Harvard University where the participants increased their success by 70% by keeping a gratitude journal where they wrote down three things that they were grateful for just before they went to sleep at night. The twenty-fifth secret to creating success in 2007 and beyond is looking after your body though exercise, vitamins and through proper food combining. The twenty-sixth secret is wake up early. Seize the day! Make it so! Get on with your life and lead. Leadership takes time and it is best to lead your day and that means getting up early so that you run your day versus your day running you. Here is an example: 5am wakeup prayer, meditation, give thanks, reflection 6am personal hygiene 7am plan your day if you did not plan your day the night before The twenty-seventh secret is take action. When you are awake to your vision, inspiration and ideas come to you and it s important to take action on your ideas. If someone crosses your mind, make that call. Write that idea down and think of three simple and immediate actions that you can take towards the fulfillment of that idea. Get it done. You were given the ideas for a reason and it is important that the ideas be honored so don’t second guess and don’t delay. The twenty-eighth secret is to continue to be grateful for the little things. The big success is just around the corner so be patient. This reminds me of when I was eight years old and I got a chemistry set for Christmas. One of the experiments involved growing beans. Sure enough, I planted those seeds and mixed ingredients for the fertilizer but I kept on digging them up to see if they were growing. That was my challenge back then and I wanted instant results and I had very little patience. While your seeds are growing give thanks and be grateful that you have a business and experience and prospects and you feel excited, happy and enthusiastic. The twenty-ninth secret is set 60 day goals. 60 day goals will keep you focused on the short term and they will prevent you from getting hooked into paralysis writing the perfect plan. The thirtieth secret to creating your success for 2007 and beyond is don’t make giving thanks a chore. If it feels like a chore stop and get some rest. The thirty-first secret is to remember to acknowledge your business and personal team. Laura and I are so blessed to be I love and we are honored to have the opportunity to be of service to our clients providing them ways to meet and exceed their goals. 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