UnCategorized Like running out of cigarettes, your electronic cigarette will require some regular tasks in order for you to continue enjoying it. Besides charging a battery, maintaining a supply of nicotine e-liquid will be the most critical. How will I maintain my supply of nicotine e-liquid in my e-cigarette? Cartridges (or tips) of the e-cigarette contains the nicotine liquid. In the beginning, you’ll likely just have some pre-filled cartridges. They are by far the easiest but they can be pretty expensive on a day-to-day basis. To save a few bucks, you can fill these cartridges yourself by purchasing a bottle of nicotine e-liquid and manually filling the cartridge. While slightly cheaper, this option can in the end be very time consuming. Another option, direct dripping, can be much less expensive as pre-filled cartridges and not require as much time as filling a cartridge yourself Direct dripping also allows you to remove the cotton filler in the cartridge, which if you vape often enough, can become more of pain than anything. Many vapers in fact complain it irritates their throat. Direct dripping, or simply ‘dripping’, can be defined as directly putting nicotine e-liquid directly onto the bridge. Basically, instead of relying on the cartridge filler to ‘wick’ the liquid to the bridge, you’re placing it directly on it, essentially bypassing the cotton. Direct dripping can be broken down into 3 simple steps – for all intents and purposes. The process basically consists of the following: 1.Remove cotton filler from your cartridge 2.Take bottle of e-liquid and put a couple of drops on the bridge of your atomizer. The bridge is essentially this arch looking thing you see that’s covered by a very fine steel mesh (which is actually nickel foam). If the bridge is completely dry, put an additional 3-4 drops 3.Press the button (manual models) or take a drag. If everything went right, you should be able to enjoy several good vapes on your e-cigarette with no problem. Direct dripping though should only be done on sealed batteries, or ones with no hole on the end That’s right, since you’re dripping juice right onto the bridge, you can’t get any fluid in the battery beneath it. It will be real easy for liquid to leak through the hole on an unsealed battery, which in effect destroys the battery and voids any warranty. Sealed batteries DO NOT have a hole on the end. If it’s sealed, you will simply see the threads that twist onto the atomizer. What will happen if I drip too much or not enough? If you drip nicotine e-liquid onto the bridge, put your electronic cigarette back together and hear a gurgling sound and don’t get much vapor when you take a drag, you’ve likely ‘flooded’ the device. What’s happening is the heating element beneath the bridge on the bottom of the atomizer is drowning in liquid and can’t get hot enough. If this happens, it’s no big deal, just take the atomizer off and blow the excess liquid into a paper towel. You should blow into the large hole and let the excess liquid come out the threaded end. Keep doing this until very little liquid comes out then wipe the entire atomizer down and reconnect it. You may need to put a drop of nicotine e-liquid on the bridge but try vaping first to see if you really need to. Conversely, your electronic cigarette could have a burned taste when you’re trying to use it, which essentially means the atomizer is too dry. In this case, you need to put a couple of drops on the bridge of your atomizer. Getting to know how your e-cigarette works will help you determine when it’s time to drip more juice onto the bridge. One clue you’re getting close is if a lot of vapor is being produced but you feel no ‘throat hit’ or effect. If this occurs, your atomizer is getting awfully close to being dry. As you can see, direct dripping does have some benefits in time, cost and strength of your e-cigarette. If you find filling your own cartridges a very tedious task, direct dripping can offer a solution that isn’t as expensive as pre-filled cartridges. Many e-cigarette retailers have ‘drip tips’ available to make dripping even easier. There is a a wide selection of nicotine e-juice, accessories and e-cigarette starter kits available online. Reputable electronic cig stores offer advice and guides on e-smoking. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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