4 people driving night hunting "bomb killed more than 100 sparrow or sentenced (Figure) – Beijing is more than just hunting birds in a plastic basket. Northeast network September 26th hearing the stillness of the night, a small village near the woods flashing figure, with the "bang" sound, a sparrow falls from the tree…… The night of September 21st, Zhaoyuan Forest Public Security Bureau received a report in the willow village head a town in Zhaoyuan County, it was illegal to bird. The police take the night attack, the 4 men will be involved in the illegal bird captured that night. When the police arrived at the scene they now has more than 100 sparrows were killed. During the trial, several people confessed that they use a slingshot and light, with each other to kill sparrows. The reason is to play a game, and then in order to eat meat. To report someone shot a bird recently, Zhaoyuan County Forest Public Security Bureau received a report that a group of people, killing a large number of birds with a slingshot, frequented in the rural counties around. Zhaoyuan County Forest Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to immediately organized personnel to investigate the matter. Sun Jiurun, director of the Bureau, said the informants, they learned that each time the perpetrators are uncertain, the crime time in the night. This guy wearing a light, a few people together, a lot of hunting sparrow. Because the modus operandi and the location of the more secretive, it is difficult to track. After several days of investigation, the police initially grasp a rallying point for the group, Zhaoyuan County in a fishing shop. Police learned that the gang each large hunting sparrow, will gather together to show the "trophy". Subsequently, the police of the fishing shop for many days squatting and observation. Dunshou was arrested in September 21 and returned late at night, the police got the news that the fishing shop changes, this group of people may be out of the game. The police rushed to the fishing shop, found that this group of people have been driving away. But the police do not know where they go, no trace. "If anything, may act rashly and alert the enemy." Sun Jiurun said. Subsequently, the police in the fishing shop waiting. 24 PM that night, the man returned to the 4, was arrested by the police on the spot. Open a few people get back the package, which is full of sparrow corpses. The police also found 3 catapults and hundreds of steel balls, and a light on his head and other tools of crime. Sparrow died hundreds of gluttonous 4 large number of illegal hunting forest, Zhaoyuan County Public Security Bureau of the night will be a few people transferred to the city forest public security bureau. 22, at about 4 am, reporters rushed to the City Forest Public Security Bureau, met with the trial of the suspects are 4. According to the police said that they use bright lights, and then shot the ball slingshot hunting sparrow. That night, 4 people in less than two hours, they killed the 135 sparrows. The police asked a few people to bird, few people have confessed that on one hand is to play, and then in order to eat meat. To combat illegal bird will be jailed for "one bird in order to keep playing, some birds to eat venison……" City Forest Public Security Bureau police Li Wanchun said the destruction of wildlife nests, holes, holes, depending on the circumstances punishable by 50 yuan to 1000 yuan fine相关的主题文章:

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