Business If you were to act on all the small business strategies that you received when you started your business, where would you be today apart from being confused and paralysed by too much information? As the saying goes if you do not know where you are going any road will do. Never underestimate the importance of setting goals, note the benefits to be had for you and your team. The vast majority of business owners set no goals for themselves or their team. This may or may not surprise you. We are reviewing the Success Principles and we are applying them to business. Every day we work with business owners, helping them to set and achieve goals for themselves. Very few have set goals and most meander along from day to day. Alot spend their time firefighting doing the urgent not important tasks. The reasons given for not setting goals are: They do not see the point They do not have the time No relevance to what they are doing Too busy for that mumbo jumbo Tried it before and it does not work. There is not instant gratification with goal setting i.e. there is no immediate result. On the flip side, the number 1 reason for business failure is burnout. What causes burnout is a culmination of things working against the business owner. And the owner just gives up. In the vast majority of cases they give up wondering why they were putting in all this effort they had lost sight of their goals. Setting goals as a small business serves a number of purposes: It enable you to clearly articulate your business to your team and to your potential customers It enables you to set yourself apart from your business and get the team more involved. It allows you to justify decision based on whether you are achieving your goals or not It allows you to hold people accountable on larger projects It keeps the focus even when this are not going as they should Goal setting must be a very important part of your life. It forces you to learn, to improve, enhancing your ability to give back t your family, to your community and to the people you care about most. Every person on the planet who has achieved greatness will link it back to the strength of their ambition and the focus that they had to achieve. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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