Computers-and-Technology Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 game console is a videogame system that puts users at the center of their entertainment experience. It combines games, entertainment, information, community, and innovation. The company plans to introduce the Xbox 360 in Europe, North America, and Japan in November of 2006. Designers in San Francisco and Japan have surrounded the powerful console technology with a stylish and sophisticated exterior. Microsoft’s new game console has altered the look and sound of games. Game worlds come alive through the wonderful detail, and animated characters show a range of emotions that add to the user’s unique gaming experience. The Xbox 360 offers 720p and 1080i resolution in the 16:9, wide-screen format to give smoother, movie-quality graphics and multi-channel enclosed sound. The console offers an array of fabulous games that make use of its powerful and intelligent technology. Users get access to compelling game-play, a choice of individuals to play with, and ways to watch and enjoy digital music, videos, photographs, and other content like never before. The Xbox 360 illustrates the fact that the next generation of gaming has arrived. Games on the Xbox 360 can be experienced in high-definition, and users can also stream high-definition TV and movies directly from their Windows Media Center Edition computer to the Xbox 360. With the Xbox 360, users can personalize their systems and experiences. For example, it is possible to change the appearance of the console by using the interchangeable faces available through the Marketplace. Users simply turn on the system to download character skins, additional levels, and more via the Xbox Live Marketplace. There are skins and faces available to fit any personality or mood. By pushing the Xbox Guide button, users can gain access to the Gamer Guide, an instant gateway that connects them instantly to music, movies, friends, games, and other downloadable content. The Ring of Light button and the Guide button both connect users to digital media and to Xbox Live, which is the first unified, global, online console game service. The Guide button also turns the system on and off without exiting. If they have a broadband connection, users can access Xbox Live Silver, which lets them construct profiles, gamer cards, and gamer tags, as well as speak to other gamers via the voice chat, and access the Live Marketplace for free. Multiplayer online gaming is also available through an upgrade to Xbox Live Gold. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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