UnCategorized Any layman may ask themselves what grilling planks have to do with fish but, to the seasoned chef, they are all simply a part of his basic cooking equipment. For a chef, grilling planks are often the key to preparing the best grilled fish and meat dishes available and the result is often a restaurant or kitchen full of eager customers who are willing to wait and pay for such a mouth-watering meal. The use of these planks is a very old tradition that is said to have originated in the Pacific Northwest. While people smoked fresh-caught salmon with these planks using heat derived from fire pits in older days, modern practices have evolved to include a few new procedures. Even with all the changes though, their place in the kitchen appears assured for many years to come. Although cooking with grilling planks may seem like a very slow procedure, there are people who feel that roasting on such planks still holds sway. Some argue that planks are better suited to keep meat and fish tender. They also ensure the presence of a "smoky" flavor that comes from roasting foods as opposed to grilling or baking it. The scents and aromas coming from the wooden planks themselves add a completely new layer of flavor to the food as well. Finally these planks keep the food at such an angle from the fire that they are not only moist and flavorful, but protected from burning as well. Not every tree can be used to make grilling planks though. For example, the trees considered for this purpose have specific characteristics such as the ability to withstand extreme heat over long periods of time. They should also not be prone to break down due to frequent use. Ability to produce appealing aromas when being heated is another feature that most of them must also display. These qualities are exhibited by trees like cedar, alder, oak, walnut, cherry, hickory, beechnut, apple and birch. The demand for these planks has led many companies to specialize in their production and supply. Some of the manufacturers also pack recipes along with the planks to cultivate successful experiences among their customers. On the other hand, you must be careful when buying wood that is supposedly meant to be used for grilling planks since some of them could already have been treated with harmful chemicals that can then find their way into your food. In most cases, it is better to simply purchase your grilling planks from a reliable source with a good reputation. About the Author: are just one of the many grilling accessories that consumers can purchase at the Bar and Grill Man (These flavorful, safe, and affordable planks will make you the "Grilling King of the Neighborhood." The author, Art Gib, is a freelance writer. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:

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