SEO 1.No Cost Traffic. SEO is not a paid advertising strategy. You are not required to pay Google for every traffic they give you. Talking about traffic, SEO provides organic ranking that may provide your website the potential to be clicked by 75% of SE users. And based on the theory on the single keyword search, 300% more traffic were driven by organic ranking as compared with PPC. In addition to that, SEO gives traffic from a number of sources. Since SEO has a viral potential, one link in one article could be picked up by 3 other sites that would send traffic through the included link. 2.SEO results are more relevant and credible. Google boasts themselves as the company that provides the most beneficial and informative results to users. And if your website reflects credibility and quality, Google wont hesitate to have your site appear on Googles first page results. 3.SEO is both website owner and user friendly. The website owners initial efforts are really needed for his online business. But after all the search engine optimization work is over, nothing is left to the website owner but to sit back and observe the traffic increase. Unlike PPC, SEO provides long lasting term advantages. In PPC, once youve stop paying, your results are gone. Another thing is, ROI is a lot higher with SEO than with PPC. Considering the range of time, ROI for SEO campaign is very low in the beginning stages and eventually higher in the long term. Users also benefit from SEO. It lands the users on a page within a site that contains the complete important links and information. PPC campaigns lead users to a single page with its single offer. 4.SEO needs good site structure and organization. SEO require that the whole site be optimized to become user friendly. In PPC, theres no requirement in order to rank because you just pay for the position. Google is always doing its best to provide user friendly pages by means of different changes to ranking factors within their algorithm. 5.SEO is more complex. You may wonder how being complex strategy becomes beneficial. The secret is this – competitors would face difficulty to figure out your strategies. Tracking what factors caused one site to rank compared with another site is a headache because there are various factors considered to get that rankings. PPC just looks into obvious factors like bid and quality score. Since your competitors do not want to waste their time, they would less likely research and copy your style. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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