Nutrition Common cold If you haven’t already spent the past week snuffling and sweating, you can probably feel an ominous tickle in your throat just reading this sentence. Anecdotally, there seem to be a lot of unusually nasty viruses floating around buses, pubs and playgrounds this autumn but, according to the experts, it is business as usual. Everyone’s sick. It’s that time of year. This year, you will be either lucky, or well protected by vitamins and nutritional supplements, if you are to be free of all viruses all season long. Peak seasons There are two peaks for colds and influenza — January and September. In the latter month, we face a triple whammy of falling temperatures (which weaken the immune system), more time spent crowded indoors and children returning to the virus factory that is school. Inoculations can work but… This year, however, the peak seems to be occurring later. Medical health lines are blocked up with callers complaining of flu. Other cold and flu-like symptoms, from coughs to sore throats, have also increased. Inoculations against colds and flu are only effective against some diseases, so it is even more important to take the right balance of supplements and vitamins to keep your nutrition as your best health friend. Common symtoms Most people assume that a temperature and aching joints is flu. However, experts say these symptoms are common to many viruses. In fact, they can be caused by some of the eight types of cold virus. By far the most common are rhinoviruses, which trigger one third to a half of all colds. Others include enteroviruses, or stomach bugs, which cause physical sickness with a cold. And the severity of symptoms often depends how run down you are. You may have a cold virus and display no symptoms. The best protection is through prevention — nutritional supplements and vitamins. While there is a flu vaccination, there is no inoculation to protect yourself from cold viruses. You will just have to sniff and bear it. And take more Vitamin C. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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