UnCategorized For most people, the onset of any medical illness, benign or otherwise, is – more or less, is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle – either those in which we were brought up with or something we picked up along the way. An unhealthy lifestyle includes an unbalanced eating habit, which is a major factor that affects your overall well being, and is also one of the leading causes of urinary tract infections. More commonly known as UTI, this can be really burdensome (and a ton painful, too) especially if it goes untreated. The bacteria causing it may spread in the kidneys. When that happens, it may cause more serious damages in which other major organs might get affected. The aftermath will not be pleasant, so it’s best not to take it for granted. After all, if diagnosed properly, medications will only take a couple of days. The good thing is, you can do something to prevent it from taking over your life (which is not far from happening if you fail to give it the utmost attention it deserves). How so? By eating healthy. Having a balanced and healthy diet is often underrated that not too many people fully understand how eating the right stuff can actually turn a situation from ‘bad’ to ‘so much better’. For example, instead of your usual dose of soda, why not increase your water intake? Drinking at least eight glasses of water can cleanse your body of toxins and helps make your skin look and feel hydrated throughout the day. Most importantly, it dilutes the unwanted bacteria in your urine. Aside from your good old H2O, cranberry juice has been known to stop the growth of bacteria by up to eighty percent due to its antibacterial properties. It is best paired up with vitamin C, making them more effective in killing the UTI-causing bacteria in the system. Increased intake of fruits, vegetables, and food high in fiber and whole grains should also be maintained, not only to help flush out the toxins from the body but also to speed up the metabolism. These foods not only aid in treating urinary tract infections but also prove beneficial in preventing other diseases such as increased rate in cholesterol, obesity, heart disease, digestive disorders and a whole lot more. If you are suffering from UTI, stay away from processed foods, canned goods, dairy products, fast foods, cigarettes, and alcohol. Spicy foods should also be avoided so as not to worsen the onset of infection. However, while a healthy diet will not only treat but can also prevent such infections (as well as other medical problems), it is still advised to ask for the help of medical professionals before changing not only your eating habits but also your lifestyle. Sudden changes in someone’s diet might affect, and at times may even prove fatal to people with certain medical illnesses, so it is best to consult with your physician first, to know which type of diet will best suit your needs, medical or otherwise. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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