Travel-and-Leisure Captivating Scuba Diving Experience in Puerto Vallarta The beaches in Puerto Vallarta makes it a great spot for scuba diving with its rich marine resources such as marine animals, corals, tropical fishes, and many more life forms that thrive under the sea. As a standing diving spot in Mexico, the presence of several diving shops in the beach confirms this. Scuba diving is also part itinerary in many boat tours as it takes a stopover in famous beaches. Under the deep blue waters of Puerto Vallarta, one is assured of marine life treasures which are very much new yet pleasing to ones view. Diving sites have different depths and may either be deep oceans, underwater mountain ranges, rocky coves, or even just shallow reefs. Scuba Diving Companies that conduct these types of tours include Scuba Las Marietas Islands Tour, Scuba El Morro Tour, Scuba Majahuitas Tour, and Scuba Los Arcos Tour. A unique dive by Los Arcos which is done at twilight features marine life forms that can only be seen at night between the El Bajo underwater mountain ranges and Devils Drop. Discover the Sea Creatures through Snorkeling in Puerto Vallarta With the abundant marine life in Puerto Vallarta, it is without a doubt that vacationers should never missed out snorkeling. Puerto Vallarta is a safe place to snorkel and it made even accessible to novices and veteran snorkelers alike. Los Arcos and Marietas Islands are two of the most popular snorkeling sites in the area. The most renowned snorkeling spots are and Marietas Islands and Los Arcos. The waters in Los Arcos thrive and aplenty with sea creatures, coral beds, caves, and peculiar rock formations which in turn comprises the wonders of the Puerto Vallartas sea. The Marietas Island has almost all kinds of fishes living in the coral reefs due to an abundant deposit of planktons which serves as food for the fishes and other life forms. Both snorkeling sites are deemed as most attractive yet still the safest. Great Family Escapade in Puerto Vallarta Any family who comes to visit Puerto Vallarta is sure to have the best vacation experience ever. Activities vary from land tours and trails to beach and sea adventures. For families who want adventure on the sea, boat tours are available such as the Treasure Land Tours where fun and excitement is never a problem. Animal encounters would be appreciated by the children for they will learn a lot about the animals and get a chance to interact with the creatures like dolphins in the Swim with the Dolphins program, encounter with marine life forms while scuba diving or just by snorkeling, and tropical and exotic birds in Bird Watching. For the adventurous, a family can undertake land and water adventure activities like horseback riding, hiking, biking, and All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) tour. All these activities are available yet those who want to stay in the comforts of their resorts can equally experience the fun under the blazing sun on the golden beaches, taking a dip in the water, and enjoying other beach side games. Passionate Getaway in Puerto Vallarta Those romantic at heart will never ran out of exciting and memorable activities in Puerto Vallarta in addition to its serene and favorable environment of blissful nature, still and cool waters, and great food selections. Whether you want to go out and mingle with a bunch of other vacationers or just want to experience the serene ambiance of their secluded hideaways, everything is at hand. There is a great fusion of old and new Mexico seen in their hundred year old architectural buildings and their contemporary resort design. A couple off for a vacation can find affordable yet satisfying accommodations in the city. Activities suited for a romantic escapade and ensures that couples will enjoy are nature tripping, party boat tours, ATV tours, a cruise to Las Caletas Rhythms of the Night tour, hiking, or merely a stroll in the streets visiting the numerous landmarks in Puerto Vallarta or beaches board walks watching the beautiful sunset. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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