The Olympic champion beat Gobel elected the best month votes up to 97% time champion [] women’s tennis singles final Puerto Rico Puig gold Olympic champion Puig WTA was elected best of August came to Rio De Janeiro to participate in the Olympic Games, Puig in the tens of thousands of athletes and ordinary. But is this Puerto Rican girl genius, beat the enemy in a Rio Road, won the first Olympic gold medal for his country. "I played more than a good one," puyg in the championship after the euphoria, "as the game was getting better state of me, I started to run faster, hit stronger. I have never believed myself like this, and after every game, I will learn from it and continue to improve myself." "I realized one of my greatest dreams." Dreams come true, the journey is almost strangled in the cradle. Only 64 of the Olympic Games, the signing of the table, in the Olympic Games a few months ago, Puig did not even qualify for the rio. However, when the girl from the Caribbean to the Olympic Games, she has eliminated Pa Vlichenkova, newly crowned French Open women’s singles champion Mu Gu Lou Za, former Wimbledon champion Covey Tova into the women’s singles final, and in the final battle three defeated soon after the world’s first summit in Germany’s Gobel, successfully won a precious gold medal in the women’s singles. There is no doubt that tonight is a most exciting evening for me. I’ve been trying to stay calm, and in fact my heart seems to explode at any time. I had a hard time in the semifinals and finals, so I’m very happy to keep calm and get through it." The first female athlete to win an Olympic medal in Puerto Rico, and Puerto Rico’s first Olympic gold medal winner, was voted the 350000 best player in the WTA season in August with an incredible number of votes of 2016! The WTA player of the year August candidates vote: 1 Puig Gobel (97%) and 2 (2%) – (1%) 3 Carolyna Price Kurkovva WTA 2016 player of the month: January: February: March: Gobel Navarro Azarenka April: Gobel May: June: July: Mu Gu Lou Za Serena Williams Halep: voting rules by WTA English website to elect five candidates by fans on the official website of WTA English vote for the winners相关的主题文章:

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