A man was shot Chen Shuibian photo tax users: "rehabilitation" political after shooting Chen Shuibian Baker was "green politics after photos". (source: Taiwan’s "United Daily News") China Taiwan network October 31st news according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the Tax Department Tax Inspection by the leaders of the Taiwan region Chen Shuibian Baker Huang Shifu 31 days before the shooting. The tax department said received a public report, Huang Shifu in Fengshan to sell bread did not do the business registration, suspected of tax evasion. The news was revealed, Taiwan netizen reacted strongly, refer to this is a bloody political hunt "and" the green terror is really what is terrible!" The tax department said, in October 27th received a public email anonymous report, referring to Huang Shifu’s shop selling bread in Fengshan, but did not apply for business registration, suspected of tax evasion. After the inventory, and Huang Shifu was spotted in Fengshan District, there is no relevant business registration, a letter asking him that morning and afternoon visits to see. The tax department sent to check and found that there are signs of prosecution in Fengshan banner place, the scene in Steamed Buns selling bread, there are business behavior, will clarify whether Huang Shifu himself sold and the monthly sales amount, if verified, will be in accordance with the law to recover the past reporting tax. Users have a message, criticized the authorities and corruption committed. Friends said, "even if there are ten million tax evasion small Baker, also not a room full of men steal Nvzei corruption money right home to Taiwan on!" E-mail anonymous report, the original can do this! Learned……" "This is a bloody political kill, horrible!" "What an ugly way to maintain this corrupt man?!" "Green terror is really nothing more than terror! The more the thing to do, the more time the uprising comes early!" "That…… We went to the Ministry of justice ‘report, Chen Shuibian has recovered, the prison!" (Chinese Taiwan Gao Xu) Chinese source: Taiwan network editor: Qu, SN117相关的主题文章:

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