Because the baby crying dagongmei derailed twins to kill was sentenced to 12 years in the original title: woman with friends affair a few steps baby crying children afraid of killing flesh jailed for 12 years in the wrong key, is the endless regret. In an online hearing, according to the Anhui Daily reported that young women looking for psychological comfort during work, and a friend had a sexual relationship, after pregnancy, but her boyfriend evaporation. The rental, she gave birth to a baby boy, because the child crying, she was cruel to be flesh and blood kill and autopsy (newspaper reported). Recently, the Suzhou intermediate people’s Court of First Instance sentenced him to 12 years in prison. The 28 year old snow (a pseudonym) is Xiaoxian Louzhen Yang, junior middle school education. When the snow had over 20 years of age, had a marriage. Due to the lack of emotional foundation, repeatedly fought and physical conflict after the divorce, snow. Soon, the snow was introduced, with the county a young man remarried. After the snow had a happy life, has given birth to a pair of children. However, with prominent life pressure and economic difficulties, snow and her husband go out to work together from many, two people gradually deepening rift. After the Spring Festival in 2015, the snow in Jiangsu city in Changzhou Province, an electromechanical factory. In order to spend her spare time, she met a boyfriend through QQ and sexual relations. Found pregnant, she told the male friends, who know each other and broke her in touch with him. Have an affair hit snow left Changzhou back to work Xiaoxian dragon town a Nike store. In January 9th this year at 4 pm, the snow dragon town in a rented birth to a baby boy. After the baby crying, afraid of others know their birth in the snow, holding a fruit knife stabbed the infant chest and abdomen two knife, causing infant mortality. The snow was cruel cut off the child’s neck. In January 12th 18, the snow will abandon corpse in the east of Xiaoxian Dragon Lantern Park trash. 22:50 Xu, a man found after picking up the old man found dead bodies of the police. According to the police surveillance video and packaging the baby body bag, quickly locked the snow. The court held that the flurry of crime of intentional homicide. She was arrested after a confession of the facts of the crime, the Department of confession. In view of the snow and the baby after birth mother, the fear of being known to others temporarily murder, and has confessed the plot, pleaded guilty to repentance and sincere, be given a lighter punishment, she was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment, deprived of political rights for 2 years. Source: Angola online – Anhui daily editor: high Yuying相关的主题文章:

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