WeChat push   applet; intent is not to replace the APP– people.com.cn communication channel — people.com.cn original title: WeChat push small program is not the intention of replacing the APP issued a "small" program in the public beta invitation WeChat platform of small range, "APP will be replaced by small program" was very clamor, but this aspect of Tencent responded that WeChat launched a small program, do not want to do the distribution market." The early morning of September 22nd, WeChat issued a public platform for small "apps" beta invitation. What is a small program? The official interpretation of WeChat is a small program, is a need to download and install the application can be used, the user can open the search or sweep. WeChat small program in fact there are traces to follow. WeChat small program, the original name of the WeChat application number". In January this year, Zhang Xiaolong, President of WeChat division, said in an open class in WeChat, WeChat is studying the addition of application number, that is, in the current subscription number and service number, for the promotion of applications. Obviously, WeChat wants developers to develop applications in WeChat Mini applications, while the user is concerned, this mini application only in the WeChat point of a button or a link will open, no need to download or jump from WeChat. Zhang Xiaolong has said, Tencent hopes there is a new form of public numbers, in this form, the user concerned about a public number, like the installation of a APP." Up to now, WeChat has established a subscription number, service number, enterprise number three systems. Some analysts pointed out that the emergence of small programs, WeChat’s own platform level application attributes to further upgrade and improve, thereby enhancing user activity. From the measured data can be seen, WeChat small program function is highly similar to APP, it can provide views, contents, buttons, navigation, multimedia, network capacity, operation feedback, compass, gravity sensor, Sketchpad, WeChat payment, login, encryption, cache interface and framework, use can achieve almost native APP experience, coupled with the small program development costs far less than the independent APP, supported by the scan code, search and other promotional methods are more dominant, and not occupy too many users of the resource space, the industry in the future WeChat lightweight App Store unanimously optimistic, even a small program called "killer application you can change the traditional ecology APP". Because of this, WeChat small program will kill all APP "was rampant. However, from the point of view of the name, WeChat small program abandoned the application number is clearly after careful consideration. Small program can only be suitable for some application scenarios, which can be understood as a small program outside the independent APP still exist. Tencent also gave the official answer, WeChat launched a small program, not to want to do the application distribution market, but to provide a platform for a number of quality services." Moreover, even if WeChat is strong, as a platform for the growth of iOS and Android two platforms, it is also necessary to comply with the rules of the two systems platform, in other words, the two platforms are相关的主题文章:

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