Weihai a car spontaneous combustion inside the tunnel into a scrap driver everywhere by fire extinguisher failed on the morning of 20, in the city of Weihai in the Tao Kuang tunnel, a car spontaneous combustion fire, the driver borrow a fire extinguisher, but stopped the vehicle equipped with nothing. After the fire brigade arrived, the fire extinguished, but the vehicle was burned to the ground. The accident also caused the tunnel was closed for half an hour, and the 5 car collision in the tunnel. The ring road is the interface between the Weihai city by the traffic areas and the high, 1405 meter long tunnel is Tao Jia Kuang road ring road traffic on the larger. 20 days 11 when 8 pm, Ms. Liu driving her car into the modern Santa Fe Tao Jia Kuang tunnel northbound, before entering the tunnel after more than and 100 meters, she suddenly found the bottom of the front emitting flames to frighten her to stop, get off. The fire quickly and violently, and the vehicle stopped immediately, and the whole tunnel was blocked up. Liu to a few cars near the fire extinguisher, but these cars are not equipped with. Liu hurried to the police for help. Police brigade police and fire brigade rushed to the scene. The traffic police will be the two tunnel entrance closed to vehicular traffic, and immediately evacuated the tunnel within the vehicle, a large number of police deployed in the ring road around the intersection, the traffic away into the other way. The fire brigade immediately dispatched gun, of the fire vehicle fire using fire fighting foam. At 11:28 PM, the car fire was completely extinguished, but this car has changed dramatically, not only the front part of the fire burned all the seats, steering wheel, instrument panel inside is all burned, the wheels also burn only hub. Traffic police transferred to the trailer, the vehicle will be towed away from the tunnel fire, the ring road to restore access, at this time is 11:40 xu. According to the police, because the accident resulted in the tunnel traffic jam moment, two spate of collision accident three car rear end chain, another accident is two car rear end. On the 13 night, in the streets of Weihai City, a motor tricycle spontaneous combustion, the owner abandoned the car to escape. Intersection traffic police on duty stopped a number of private cars by fire extinguishers, but most of the private cars are not equipped with fire extinguishers, although some of the car with a fire extinguisher, but it has expired fire extinguishers, simply can not be used. Eventually, the police had to go to the bus station to the bus to borrow a fire extinguisher, and finally put out the fire. In recent years, the vehicle ignition events have been more common, if this is the first time to use the fire extinguisher, generally does not cause significant economic losses, but in most cases, the driver did not fire extinguisher, fire extinguisher can’t borrow, only to let the vehicle be the fire officers and soldiers rushed to the burning fire, basically scrapped vehicles. According to the motor vehicle safety technical conditions, the bus, special school buses, dangerous goods transport vehicles and other vehicles equipped with fire fighting equipment has special requirements, but there is no mandatory provisions of private cars. The police said, the general vehicle not equipped with fire extinguishers, although not be fined, but for points, traffic safety considerations, the proposed owners in the car standing fire extinguishers, and learn how to use to prepare for possible period of want or need. (Qilu Evening News Qilu Qilu reporter)相关的主题文章:

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