Zhengzhou has a warm lottery shop: love clothing optional free ring shop door, put a lot of clothes. Reporter Guo Zhiyuan Li Lanwen – Washington October 31st, the 1th day of the tenth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. Zhengzhou low temperature to 3 degrees Celsius, and in the way Dihu District workers near the east gate, a welfare lottery shop is warm spring. In this love clothing, free choice store, the public can choose their favorite clothes, you can put the retired clothing, get here for everyone to use. The organizers of this event, named Shao ring, 39 years old this year. According to her introduction, an accidental opportunity, she came into contact with a folk love team, was moved by the spirit of the people, he began his own road to charity. For the first time to participate in public welfare activities, is to go to Xinyang and the Yuxi, the temperature is very low that day, watching the left-behind children wearing thin clothes, his face red with cold. She immediately bought the new cotton padded shoes, dress kids up. At the end of the event, she had an idea. "Now the children grow fast, a lot of clothes almost no wear, it is already small." Shao Huan said. Think of this, she intends to establish a small platform, the "retired" clothing or daily necessities, out for people who need to use. The 31 day morning, overcast, cold and windy. In the doorway Shao ring shop, placed a lot of clothes, to put up a sign saying: "love my dear friends, your life is getting better and better, there must be some idle clothes and daily necessities at home, you can take it out to people in need……" "I have a month to come to work here, then the heat of the day without thick clothes, now the cold weather, heard here send clothes, I’m here." At the scene, from Luohe to Zhengzhou to work at the age of 54, master Chen, in a coat, he registered personal information, put on the left. There are a lot of people in the selection of clothes here, then, the clothes provided by the public, how to ensure that they are clean, so that people feel comfortable? Shao Huan said that she received the clothes provided by the public, usually take to clean up the dry cleaners to ensure that they clean, stretch, wearing comfortable. According to Mr. Liu said nearby businesses, not only to participate in such public service, she also has a special move. Open your own love ride, let the children go to school on the way and the daughter of a free ride. According to Dili Lake community staff, Ms. Shao love move, like a lamp in the winter, although weak, but it lit up the surrounding people, and we also deeply love the infection, with their own actions, will pass along the love.相关的主题文章:

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