Yongzhou couple on the bus passengers picked up over the team lost wallet kind original title: lovers by bus, wallet was picked up after the passengers kindly recovered, the bus driver will hand it to the team Changsha news the evening of October 6th, to return Changsha from Yongzhou’s Liu Ke and girlfriend longmou, both joy and sorrow, joy is even the National Day holiday road congestion, but in coming back to work before Changsha; worry is, by bus, Liu Ke’s wallet lost. When Liu Kezheng sad, came a good news, wallet was picked up by a well intentioned passengers, to the 68 bus driver Chen Gang. At 7:35 in the evening, Liu Ke rushed to the bus station 68 bus where the team looked at the lost wallet on the spot, he wrote a letter of thanks, thanks to Chen Gang and the kind of passengers. Chen Gang is the ryujo bus 68 Road No. 1282 driver, at 6:40 on the evening of 6 or so, the bus arrived at the bus station, a passenger car picked up a wallet and gave it to him, he will be the first time the wallet and handed it to the team. There is a card inside the wallet, bank cards more than 1800 yuan in cash. The team staff carefully check, found a suspected owner left the phone number of the receipt in the wallet, immediately dialed the phone, but repeatedly call the phone during a call. Later, the owner of Liu Ke’s girlfriend longmou hurried to the 68 road convoy duty room, asking if someone picked up the wallet. After checking the information, the driver Chen Gang handed the wallet she was looking for. Originally, Liu Ke’s wallet is placed in longmou portable package, two people just ride from Yongzhou to return to the Changsha, has several times after the bus ride, I found a wallet take wings to itself. There are a lot of documents, it is very important to them; in addition, more than 1800 yuan of cash for them is not a small number. Two people are very anxious, but careful recall, the wallet is definitely on the bus ride along the way. So they hurriedly go to another bus, Liu Ke sat for a long, came to the 68 road team, soon confirmed that Chen Gang handed the wallet is to find their own. Liu Ke learned of the situation, quickly catch up, see the valuables stolen, he immediately wrote a letter of thanks, special thanks to Chen Gang and the kind of passengers. (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Chen Bin) video recommendation: woman on the bus lost wallet bus driver parking lock相关的主题文章:

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