"McDull · rice treasure Raiders" premiere praised the recent best Hong Kong film Tencent entertainment news in the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival in September 15th "McDull · rice treasure Raiders" today in Beijing, Chinese Film Museum held a grand premiere at the film. The thick film McDull atmosphere, let the audience feel "invincible innocence Carnival" charm! McDull original story writer Alice Mak appeared close interaction with the audience, secret film behind the scenes produced wonderful process, inviting everyone to see the map this weekend to see mcdull. After the McDull "early play monster" 10 city roadshow process, "McDull · rice treasure Raiders" harvest high quality reputation, more media praised it as "the best recent Hong Kong Films", but Chupin representatives confident the scene put rhetoric "McDull · rice treasure Raiders" breaking 300 million at the box office! In addition, there is a small surprise scene, that is, a McDull 10 years of iron powder appeared, so that the scene in the atmosphere of joy and more than a touch. "McDull · rice treasure Raiders" will be held in September 10th, 11 around the country this weekend for two consecutive days of the point, the audience can feel ahead of McDull movie brings joy and moved. Is like the best Hong Kong film film side put rhetoric breaking 300 million at the box office on the site of "McDull – rice treasure Raiders", produced by the prospect of Xinhua general manager He Zhikai told the audience said that although the new "McDull – rice treasure Raiders of the Lost Ark" added many new elements, but will still continue McDull series of quality assurance, and welcome all people over the weekend 10 days, 11 days to test in advance about the "invincible innocence McDull Carnival charm. In addition, the site also produced answers to the changed files in the September 15th Mid Autumn Festival, in fact, with the movie "invincible innocence Carnival" theme fit, previously in the McDull "early play monster" 10 city roadshow process, "McDull · rice harvest is the treasure Raiders" ultra high quality reputation, more like the media "the recent best Hong Kong films". Participate in the McDull film curator Zhao Jun, also released in the field of rhetoric called "McDull – rice treasure Raiders" will leap to new heights at the box office, breaking 300 million at the box office! Alice Mak and the audience zero distance interactive gift for "bag powder" along the way as McDull stories of the original author, Alice Mak also came to the day of the premiere event. Alice Mak said in the process of communication and audience, "in this movie, design style, plot and characters have been improved, in addition to retain the popular character and style, also added more vivid images and more direct and simple plot, more easy to understand, is really young and old Xian yi." Then there are McDull 10 years of iron powder, came to the stage to send flowers to Alice Mak, and said he was very fond of McDull, had been touched by McDull many times. The conference also conducted a live interactive draw, fans get pudding, intelligent robot, cooperation launched by Roboo and PPTV M1 mobile phone and McDull McDull fans treasure Jones customized version of mobile phone. This weekend the point ahead of fresh up and McDull "laughter and touching" the day of the premiere film side also invited a number of media and fans at the scene!相关的主题文章:

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