Dante "password" World Premiere   Tom? Hanks and his wife appeared – people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn original title: Dante "password" World Premiere Tom Hanks and his wife at the premiere?. The day before, "Dante" adventure held a world premiere in Italy, Florence director Howard, Ron? The original novel author Dan Brown? Starring Tom Hanks and Felici together? Ti Jones creative to attend?. The all star team all appeared in the premiere, Oscar winner Tom Hanks and his wife also appeared on the red carpet?. It is reported that the "Dante code" world premiere held in Florence was chosen, and the film also has close relationship. Florence is the hometown of the poet Dante, and his poetry is a key element in the film. At the same time, Florence is also the second film series the story of origin, carrying the important component, breathtaking burning brain puzzle action scenes will be staged in the protagonist Landon. Tom in the new film, Hanks plays Robert?? professor Landon, who was unknown attacks suffered amnesia. In the course of the escape, Landon also found a mysterious man trying to spread the plague in the world. In the film as the Harvard University semiotics expert Robert? Landon Tom? Hanks talked about the role of new work, think a new story and style is very interesting: "Landon encountered some setbacks, he got lost, and has been involved in danger, there are many stunts. This is a fun and real setting, and it’s a challenge for me." Dante "password" according to the suspense thriller master Dan? Brown’s novel "the Da Vinci code" in the series "hell" adapted by Tom, Hanks, Felici’s?? Jones and other stars, will be released in October 28th. (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Jiang Bo)相关的主题文章:

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