He Jiong Shanghai hospital for surgery due to excessive fatigue injury – Sohu entertainment He Jiong was admitted to the operation room and doctor He Jiong He Jiong photo micro-blog clarified     Sohu entertainment news on October 31st, that someone broke the news: He Jiong was sent to a hospital in Shanghai, Yangpu District, is in operation. Netizens posting said: "He Jiong is a famous model arts circle, hope He Jiong is all right, but also hope that the entertainment stars friends can rest! The body is the revolutionary capital." Subsequently, He Jiong in his micro-blog issued a clarification, said: "the record shows a little flesh wound, you let me at ease for emergency treatment, hospital trivial things, don’t worry! Now go back and record it! Thank you, Changhai Hospital doctor nurse!"     He Jiong later again reply to users, said: "rest assured, I lay in the operation room because this is the standard procedure of the hospital, the doctor if allowed, I can jump into the operation room, is leg wounded to treatment, treatment is difficult, but with a new technology does not hurt well, ten minutes! Really rest assured!"     in the later that same day, there are users through the micro-blog sun He Jiong and staff photo, and said: "He Jiong, has just been sent to a hospital in Shanghai, Yangpu District is not broken, the metal foreign body into the leg (distressed) at the end of operation. See the teacher’s smile on the peace of mind. Never say a big photo and a doctor! The original teacher fan everywhere! Awesome! I also hope to record the program, the performance is good, we must pay attention to the safety of the teacher! Da!" In the photo, He Jiong wearing a gown, sitting on a stool, a pair of scissors in hand, smile, it seems not very serious wound. After seeing the photos users have also said to see what the teacher is okay! Pay attention to safety ah!" [Wang Jilu] related programs injured injury is serious to interrupt the program to record Wang Jilu injured, a doctor in India   in September 25th, the accident of famous actress Wang Ji in India recording large Shaanxi TV reality show "you" is on the Silk Road, according to the program revealed that Wang Ji’s injury is more serious, the program has been suspended recording. India time on the morning of September 25th, Wang Ji accidentally injured while recording. The reporter then contacted the relevant person in charge of the program, he said: "this morning recorded in the Taj Mahal game, a few artists in high spirits because of too much investment, excessive force leading to teacher Wang Ji injured, the injury is more serious." The responsible person said, because Wang Ji is injured, the current program has been suspended, "Wang Ji was injured after the scene repeatedly asked in spite of the injury, several other young guests to participate in the recording of the situation, we determined without problems, before leaving the scene for treatment." Wang Jiaer was a cattle car chase caused the traffic accident injured   Wang Jiaer waist injury in August 31st, Wang Jiaer had just finished "we fight" [opera] recording, in September 1st, to the Xiamen airport in his car, because.相关的主题文章:

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