Shanghai dragon and moon Panda baby full moon growth index is in good condition, rare "dragon and Phoenix fetus" Panda baby, the full moon yesterday, a month to grow in good condition, Panda "peanut" has brother and sister. China Panda Protection Research Center Shanghai base yesterday again good news, after July 9th ushered in the first panda baby "peanuts", the giant panda "Yo Yo" in October 4th successfully produced "Longfeng baby", and now the growth indicators are good. Experts say it is rare for pandas to produce twins, and twins are more rare. Yesterday was the "full moon" baby full moon day, the reporter saw in Shanghai wildlife park, the staff took advantage of panda mother "wash", the two brothers and sisters into the nursery. It was the first public appearance, and it was the first time they were "in the same frame", living in a crib. The eyes and ears of the siblings to the site have been long hair, eyes have "panda eyes", chubby body from time to time, writhing, naive. Staff told reporters, Dabao birth weight 131.5 grams, body length 13.6 centimeters, and now the weight has increased to 1350 grams; two treasure birth weight of 113.2 grams, body length 12.8 centimeters, the current weight of 1168 grams. All the growth indicators are in good condition. It is understood that 16:30 on October 4th, panda youyou first baby in the labour room after the successful delivery, immediately leaned over to my arms, beginning the process of natural feeding. However, after ten minutes, youyou also gave birth to a cub, but the cubs had just given birth to be careless with the only choice previously born a nurturing. In the field, the pandas were born with twin babies, and the panda mothers usually ignore or reject the weaker one, and choose the stronger one to feed them. This is their breeding strategy, which ensures a certain survival rate. In order to ensure the survival of two pandas at the same time, the first time the staff will be two treasure out of artificial feeding, 24 hours to monitor and care, after 10 days of feeding, two treasure situation is in a stable state. During the period, the staff will be two cubs were exchanged, two treasure by "Yo Yo" feeding, Dabao out of artificial feeding. At present, both siblings are breast-feeding, and 24 hours are monitored, observed and recorded by a special person to ensure their health.

上海龙凤胎熊猫宝宝满月 成长指标状况良好   罕见“龙凤胎”熊猫宝宝昨日满月   一个月来成长指标状况良好   熊猫“花生”有弟弟妹妹了。中国大熊猫保护研究中心上海基地昨天再传喜讯,继7月9日迎来首头熊猫宝宝“花生”后,大熊猫“优优”于10月4日顺利产下了“龙凤胎”宝宝,如今各项成长指标良好。专家表示,熊猫产下双胞胎已属难得,“龙凤胎”更是罕见。   昨天是“龙凤胎”宝宝满月的日子,记者在上海野生动物园看到,工作人员趁熊猫妈妈“洗漱”的时候,将兄妹俩抱进了育婴室。这是首次公开露面,也是它们第一次“同框”,同住在一张婴儿床里。兄妹俩的眼睛及耳朵的部位都已经长出黑毛,眼睛已经有了“熊猫眼”,圆嘟嘟的身体,不时扭动着,憨态可掬。工作人员告诉记者,大宝出生时体重131.5克、体长13.6厘米,如今体重已增至1350克;二宝出生时体重为113.2克,体长12.8厘米,目前体重达1168克。各项成长指标状况良好。   据了解,10月4日16时30分,熊猫“优优”在待产室顺利分娩出第一个宝宝后,立刻俯身将其拥入怀中,开始自然哺育的过程。然而十几分钟后,“优优”又产下了一头幼崽,但对刚刚产下的这个幼崽不管不顾,只选择先前出生的一只进行哺育。工作人员解释称,在野外熊猫如果出生的是双胞胎宝宝,大熊猫妈妈通常会忽视或拒绝较弱的一只,选择较强壮的一只进行哺育,这是它们的繁殖策略,这样能保证一定的成活率。   为了保证了两只熊猫宝宝同时成活,工作人员第一时间将二宝抱出进行人工哺育,24小时对其进行监控与护理,经过10天哺育后,二宝情况处于稳定状态。期间,工作人员将两头幼崽进行了对换,二宝由“优优”哺育,大宝取出人工哺育。目前兄妹俩都采用母乳哺育,由专人24小时监控、观察、记录它们的各种行为,确保它们的健康。相关的主题文章:

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