"Dear translator" Huang Xuan exposes popular hit slow turns – Huang Xuan Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment veteran star metrosexual man has seen, but like Huang Xuan love interest of old cadres, as clear as a straightforward green teenager, types have a strong bursting hormones body but only this one. Deep meaning as he can, on the philosophical masterpiece Weiweidaolai, calligraphy and tea. Cute as he directly, can be generous that he did not dare to speak half a bottle of wine. While her boyfriend bursting with as he blew, single-minded will wash as romantic lover soup… Because… Shenzhen TV is the hit "Dear translation officer" the budding national husband Huang Xuan is a bit shy, not respect their idols, nor felt he had burst of red in the face of so many "first time" also very grateful. Indeed, for the debut of nine years in terms of Huang Xuan, the popularity is not like a gift out of heaven, more like a long campaign to loot. Before others asked Huang Xuan is what to do, he is not too embarrassed to say he is an actor, because people may then say, actor played what?? even family and friends have asked, Huang Xuan, what are you doing? Have missed many popular opportunities he impatient: "no chance to your hand, that it does not belong to you. All I can do is save the energy and adjust the state." Life in the slow yellow Xuan and entertainment is slightly out of eight, but the long ready, is on his biggest test. Frustrated + sensitive = famous nemesis? "Age and experience is wealth" Huang Xuan tortuous road to fame, there is a word called "child very unlucky, but still young". Huang Xuan has a strange combination of circumstances lost Zhang Yimou "Curse of the Golden Flower" in "the little prince" role, and declined to become Hai Yan "five-star hotel" "hand picked" male Notice No. two. Not only in this way, he also practiced a summer swim after receiving the "sea paradise" for the corner of the news. Have firm entertainment and several passing he experienced unknown to the public, in the 14 year career ushered in the turning point of the "Red Sorghum". Because he does not adapt to the test in a strange and almost missed the opportunity to examine the crowd, fortunately finally overcome ego frustration, success of the role. In the cause of the window period, Huang Xuan is also very busy: I will continue to cultivate themselves, improve themselves, want to become a better actor, so that the quality of life. People will grow old, but age and experience is an asset to an actor." But slow and sensitive, it is also the source of his acting talent: "my slow is born, in a strange environment will be especially cautious." "I take the time to look at myself, to see myself as exciting, creativity from life, from different perceptions." What + = upstream of offending audiences also show to the audience is more true?! Huang Xuan once said, want to play a game, he wants to do is actor, not a star actor. Although the "official" in translation is a rant, very overbearing "magic", and life is a refined and gentle temperament, simmering wisdom of acting man. His patience with the show.相关的主题文章:

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