Jiangxi informed the 9 provincial cadres in violation of the eight provisions of the spirit of the typical problems – Beijing, the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day is approaching, to further positive wind Su Ji, recently, Jiangxi provincial organs discipline work on the recent investigation of the 9 provincial organs of cadres violation eight provisions of the spirit of the typical problems to inform the public, namely: branch secretary 1, director of the Provincial Department of finance, finance investment evaluation center Party Li Jianjun, led to the August 2015 Xinjiang Akto County, Jiangxi Yuanjiang project completion of the project financial accounts and project settlement review, on the way back to visit the local tourist attractions and illegal use of public funds for reimbursement of personal expenses 1620 yuan, by the party warning, discipline in investigation during the Shanghai financial unit. 2, fourth provincial Party Secretary, director of Committee General Office of the general office of authority Wang Xiaoyong, from 2010 to 2015 the establishment of small Treasuries, and information incentive fee and overtime fees in the name of the use of small Treasuries issued 39205.03 yuan in cash, the person directly responsible, a total of 3830 yuan in cash. From 2013 to 2014, the person has received "the cooperation unit of red 6000 yuan and a mini Ipad, was removed from the fourth party branch secretary, director of the general office of organs, by the party a serious warning. During the investigation of the discipline has been handed over to the financial sector, accepting 6000 yuan red and mini Ipad all returned. 3, forced isolation treatment of deputy researcher Lv Xiaoqun, 2015 to 2016, received strong warning personnel arrangements for banquets, family entertainment and other activities, and accepting gifts, and during the suspension introspection, investigation, illegal to make arrangements for his son wedding, invited the subordinate units of 50 people attended, accepting illegal gifts 14460 yuan, by the party a serious warning and administrative demotion in the organization during the investigation received gifts full refund. 4, Jiangxi branch secretary, director of radio and television industry management center Party Cai Ke, served as director of the Jiangxi radio and television power support center, 2014 to the center of the illegal payment of allowances and subsidies 523621.8 yuan, have the primary leadership responsibility, subject to Party warning, discipline in the organization during the investigation has been turned over to finance. 5, provincial director, prosthetic center artificial limb factory director Wang Peng, on September 2015, prosthetic center accepting illegal 51400 yuan shopping card related enterprises and a small amount of cash and distributed to the cadres and workers, directly responsible, and who receive 1800 yuan shopping card, by the party a serious warning, relevant discipline shall all be turned over to finance. 6, the Provincial Bureau of press and Publication (provincial Copyright Bureau) publication management department deputy researcher Hu Tao, from 2007 to 2014 hold to go abroad (border) documents, from 2009 to 2015 many go abroad (border), not timely report organization and timely submission of documents held by. Participate in the establishment of three companies, and hold shares in the company, subject to Party warning. 7, the Provincial Education Examination Yuan Liu Haitao, former director of the self examination department (retired), from 2013 to 2014 has received two illegal business clearance相关的主题文章:

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