Jay Chou produced "ten thousand kilometers" sigh: Megan Lai is the devil by Jay Chou (left) led by the agreement "agreement" creative run". Beijing News love inspirational movie "agreement" ten thousand kilometers before the date in Beijing was held on the theme of "preparation! Start of the media conference. The film directed by Hong Shengyang, Wang, Huang Yuan, Jay Chou, Lin Yijie, starring Megan Lai, producer. Lin Yijie is active in a marathon runner, he completed in 2007 had lasted 111 days, travel about 7500 kilometers across the Sahara challenge, this is the first time to write trek across the Sahara desert world record. Jay Chou on the preparations for the "agreement" ten thousand kilometers after, said "we want to let more people see and hear his story, not a biographical approach, just put the spirit of Lin Yijie in this story, so you can make more friends in more." Hong Shengyang talked about a group of three people, said with a smile: "like Rice with Stewed Drumstick, Lin Yijie chicken, Jielun rice, I am responsible for their own lunch box", showing a perfect film. It is worth mentioning that, careful Jay Chou found the director of the film in detail, I believe that the director must have read the secret can not be said, there are classic gestures to express the romantic feelings between the characters". Jay Chou also praised the actress Megan Lai will play, "Huang Yuan is a new, many of which are in the play with Megan Lai. She is a man, but this is the feeling you want to play, because she is a devil." The movie "ten thousand km agreement" also announced the same day, Jay Chou will serve as a major event, "Jay Chou ran about ten thousand km" promotion. The state of relaxation, full of affinity Jay Chou humorously said, if someone can adhere to finish the specified number, it should be worth the reward line end point, the gift will be great.相关的主题文章:

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