Trump described the "hundred days" plan – International – Republican presidential candidate Trump 22 speech at Gettysburg, this plan if you win the election and became president after the ruling within 100 days. Trump said that the political, will set up the term limits for members of Congress; and shall not engage in lobbying members of Congress within 5 years after the departure of former White House officials banned for life; lobbying on behalf of the Chinese government; prohibit foreign lobbyists for the election to raise funds; the federal government to freeze the recruitment of new employees. On the economy, Trump said it would renegotiate or repeal the existing U.S. international trade agreement to lift the U.S. energy production restrictions, revocation of infrastructure investment barriers will respond to climate warming funds for other environmental projects, from at & T and Time Warner merger etc.. On national security, Trump said it would take "background checks" extremely strict for refugees and immigrants, cancel the incumbent president Obama on immigration issued administrative order, the deportation of illegal immigrants entering the United States again will be sentenced to two years in jail. Trump said that these initiatives will be in his white house within a hundred days, packaged into such as the termination of illegal immigration law or repeal or replace the Obama health care law and other legislative proposals submitted to congress. The American media that few new content Trump’s plan, by virtue of the policy behind the counter election is not optimistic. In the day of the speech, Trump also criticized the Democratic rival Hilary and Washington political system corruption, criticized the United States media dishonesty. He announced the end of the campaign, he will put the complaints of sexual harassment or sexual assault of women all court. That means he has to fight more than 10 new cases. Recently, Trump announced that if he wins, will fully accept the election results, the election will depend on the circumstances. This statement makes us public outcry, the Hilary team and the Democratic Party as he is not fit to prove that when the president’s campaign; he does not support more Republicans declared that he refused to accept the election results statement is a "great political mistake". (Xu Jianmei Lu Jiafei) ((Intern), commissioning editor: Li Xuefeng Xiao Hong)相关的主题文章:

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