6 live video vs76 James Knight total score will be super star dream [James third] Festival highlights single 20 points with Erwin behind-the-back pass violent hands deduction Tencent November 5th sports news Beijing standard time on November 6th 7 o’clock in the morning, 76 people on the road against the Cavs, Knight impact season six game winning streak, James received only two points, can beyond Olajuwon, NBA’s all-time scoring list rankings to tenth place, the Tencent will broadcast the game sports video. Click to enter [James] between live video total score will enter the history of the first ten races: the impact of a six game winning streak in the thunder Knight lost to the warriors, the league only one team in the new season unbeaten, the defending champion knight. The knight in the new season 5 games of victory, this is their first season since the 1976-77 season 5 wins and 0 losses. The knight shows a powerful attack force in the new season, averaging 114.4 points in the league, averaging 10.4 points and scores averaged 13.2 top league, hitting three pointers also lead the league. Knight Dugu, 76 people are winless. 76 people in the new season, the total defeat of the war of 4, the field was the lowest point of the League of the lowest score, the difference between the gains and losses of the league is the worst -14. 76 last season, the team lost the game in the second quarter, the 2014-15 season is the opening season of the 17 consecutive defeats, since November 22, 2013 to beat the Bucks, the total loss of the team in the year of October and in November, a total of 41 games in a row in the year of. If 76 people in the new season and what highlights, that is we de comeback after the performance is also good, in the event of a 24 minute limit order case, averaging 17.3 units in the first. Focus Star: James will welcome the milestone if there is no accident, James will usher in the 76 World War NBA career scoring milestone. James is currently NBA career total score is 26945 points, ranked in the history of the NBA scoring eleventh in the standings, the Rockets legend center "the dream" Olajuwon with 26946 points ranked tenth, James as long as two more points to surpass "the dream", entered the top ten scores in NBA history. James in the new season in the offensive side is relatively low-key, the average shooting 16 career lows, averaging only 22.4 points higher than the rookie season. James will focus on controlling the pace of the game as well as create opportunities for teammates, the new season averaged 9 rebounds and 10 assists are career highs, the average data is quasi double level of three. The personal attack is not strong desire does not mean James score ability is abate, he set a season high 30 points scored in the game against Celtic in the third quarter, taking only 20 points, when James wanted to score, there is still unstoppable. Current situation: the three best players in the League after the first leg of the race for the first time in the past two seasons, especially after winning the championship last season, the chemical reaction has reached the best level in the top 76 of the injured team. James field 22+10+9 control of the overall situation, the Erwin field are 26 points in front of the charge, the music field are 22 points into the best attack since joining the cavaliers. Le Fuxin season fire forbidden area upgrade, no longer like the previous two years, such as floating outside the shooting. Data show that Carrefour new season with three points off the shot, the proportion is 33.相关的主题文章:

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