Malaysia police force fat weight loss: want to lose fat original title promotion: the Malaysian authorities forced the police to lose weight: fat promotion to lose fat in new network on 17 February, according to foreign media reported on 17, the chubby police holding coffee, Dakoutaikou will swallow the donut, such a scenario It is often seen. in Malaysia already. Recently, however, the problem of obesity among police officers has become a serious concern, forcing the authorities to force obese police to lose weight. According to the Malaysia Royal Police data, there are about 11000 police officers in the country’s 122000 police officers, that is, nearly 10% of the police officers are overweight, so the number of police who are taking sick leave is increasing. Khalid Abubakar, the national police chief, warned last month that overweight police officers had to lose their body fat if they wanted to get promoted. The police force management director dzulkifli Ahmad later in the Kuala Lumpur Police Force headquarters launched a fitness program, to assist the police officers to get rid of excess body fat. At present, more than 30 police officers are involved in this program, and they have to obey the rules of not eating more than 2000 calories a day, except that they have to exercise every day. The basic goal of the program is to lose 10% of the body weight within six months. About 200 police officers died of heart disease and diabetes last year, Giulia Ki Feeley said. More and more police officers are suffering from diabetes, hypertension and other diseases related to obesity, while 560 police officers are on sick leave every day. "In 2015, we had about 200 police officers who died of heart disease and diabetes, and that number was on the rise." In fact, obesity is not only a problem of the police force, but also a national problem. The latest official figures show that nearly half of Malaysia people are overweight. This is mainly because the horse industry has been thriving in recent decades, and people do not have to worry about filling their stomachs, but they develop a sedentary modern lifestyle. Coupled with Malaysia’s diet with high carbohydrate Steamed Rice and greasy dishes, noodles, fried chicken and fattening the coconut milk made curry food and high sugar drinks, delicacy in so many temptations, horse people naturally difficult to ensure good health. Although dzulkifli Ahmad promote fitness program is currently only in Kuala Lumpur headquarters, but he hopes that Japan can be the plans to expand into the police station. He said that the police obesity problem is mainly caused by lack of discipline among police officers, and this fitness program will help maintain the public image of the Royal Police and ensure the basic ability of police officers. The police must have a healthy body, we must run and catch. I don’t think an obese police officer will be as strong as a healthy policeman." Editor in chief: Ni Zijian

马来西亚强迫胖警察减肥:想升迁先减掉赘肉   原标题:大马当局强迫胖嘟嘟警察减肥:想升迁先减掉赘肉   中新网2月17日电 据外媒17日报道,胖嘟嘟的警察手捧咖啡,大口大口地将甜甜圈吞下,这样的情景在马来西亚早已屡见不鲜。然而,近来警员肥胖的问题已经严重到令人担忧的地步,迫使当局不得不强迫肥胖警员减肥。   根据马来西亚皇家警察的数据,目前全国122000名警员当中,就有约11000名警员,即近10%的警员体重超标,以至于请病假的警员人数日趋上升。   全国警察总长卡立阿布巴卡上个月警告,超重的警员如果想要升迁,就必须先减掉身上的赘肉。   警察部队管理总监朱基菲利随后在吉隆坡的警察部队总部推出了一项健身计划,协助警员们除掉身上多余的脂肪。   目前这项计划有30多名警员参与,他们除了每天必须锻炼身体外,还得遵守每天饮食不得摄取超过2000卡路里的条例。此计划的基本目标包括在六个月内必须减掉10%的体重。   去年约200警员因心脏病和糖尿病等去世   朱基菲利说,有越来越多的警员患有糖尿病、高血压和其他与肥胖问题有关的疾病,而每天平均会有560名警员请病假。“在2015年,我们有约200名警员因为心脏病和糖尿病等疾病而去世,而这个数字正在上升中。”   其实,肥胖不只是警察部队的问题,更是全国的问题。最新的官方数据显示,有近一半的马来西亚人超重。这主要是因为马国近数十年来经济欣欣向荣,人们不必再为填饱肚子烦恼,反倒养成久坐不动的现代生活方式。   再加上马国饮食以高碳水化合物的米饭菜为主,还有油腻的面条、炸鸡和以容易使人发胖的椰奶制作的咖喱等食物及高糖分饮料,在那么多美食的诱惑下,马国人自然很难确保身体健康。   虽然朱基菲利推动的健身计划目前只在吉隆坡总部进行,但他希望日后能够将此计划扩展到全国的警局。   他表示,警察肥胖问题主要是警员们缺乏纪律造成的,而这项健身计划将有助于保持皇家警察的公共形象和确保警员的基本办事能力。“警察一定要有健康的体魄,我们必须奔跑和抓人。我不认为一个肥胖警员的办事能力会与一个健康的警察一样强。” 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章:

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