Jiaxing men even night pry more than 10 pieces of license plates are not financial, but because of the wife in life, always have a bad mood, unhappy, then you will use what way to vent it? Is crying? Is it hard to exercise? Is k song for Mic king? But somebody else does…… Overnight, dozens of car plates were pried, some were bent on the car, and some were unloaded and thrown into the grass. Recently, the police in Jiaxing, Xiuzhou, captured the suspect through the video surveillance. In the morning, who lives in Xiuzhou District Youchegang Township chenjiaba District Liu is preparing to drive to work, found himself parked in the area outside the Buick car license plate disappeared after the plate is bent to pry. After careful observation, Ms. Liu found that the license plates of several private cars were bent and damaged in varying degrees. Xiuzhou police received a report immediately launched an investigation, a man suspected of committing the crime personnel to escape Chen Jiaba Youchegang direction of video analysis, on the surrounding check found a consistent physical characteristics and video monitoring in a man, then immediately arrested in Nanhu District arrested the suspect Wang Yu Xin zhen. After understanding, Wang has been working in Jiaxing area. "I had a fight with my wife. I was in a bad mood and wanted to vent." According to Wang explained, in the evening, he quarreled with his wife, in bad mood, went to drink wine. When you go home, you see a lot of cars parked on the roadside. In order to vent, you can use your hand to break the license plate of a car, and throw the license plate on both sides of the road at will. According to statistics, Wang on the same day pry a total of 12 car license plates. At present, the car license plate has been recovered, and Wang has been Xiuzhou District Public Security Bureau in accordance with the law administrative detention.

嘉兴男子一夜连撬10余块车牌 不为财而是因老婆在生活中,总有心情不佳,不开心的时候,那你会用什么方式来发泄呢?是嚎啕大哭?是拼命运动?是K歌争抢麦霸?可有人却……一夜间,十几辆车的车牌都被撬了,有的被折弯挂在车上,有的被卸下来扔到草地里。近日,嘉兴秀洲警方通过视频监控抓获了这名撬车牌的嫌疑人。近日早上,家住秀洲区油车港镇陈家坝某小区的刘女士正准备开车上班时,发现自己停在小区外的别克车前车牌不见了,后车牌也被撬得弯折。刘女士仔细观察后发现,前后几辆私家车的车牌也遭到不同程度的弯折及损毁。秀洲警方接到报警立刻展开侦查,视频监控分析一男子疑似作案人员往油车港陈家坝方向逃离,对周围展开清查发现一男子体貌特征与视频监控中一致,随即立即抓捕,在南湖区余新镇将嫌疑人王某抓获。经了解,王某一直在嘉兴一带打工。“我和老婆吵架了,心情不好,就想要发泄一下。”据王某交代,当天晚上,他跟老婆吵了架,心情不好就去喝了酒。回家经过陈家坝菜场时,看到路边停着很多小轿车,为了发泄,就上前用手掰掉了一辆车子的车牌,并随意将车牌扔在道路两边。据统计,王某当天一共撬了12辆汽车车牌。目前,被撬的车牌已悉数被追回,而王某已被秀洲区公安分局依法行政拘留。相关的主题文章:

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