Annual return of 8.42%, Long Sheng annual income debt based open purchase – fund channel this year, 3000 points near the lingering A shares, so that the market risk aversion is strong, while the bond market continues to rise, making the bond fund attracted much attention. Among them, the regular opening of the debt base with "closed to promote revenue, fixed open insurance flow" multiple advantages gathered ultra-high popularity, investors can open the purchase of the recent blue chip fixed debt based focus. If the successful operation of the 3 cycle of Changsheng annual income bond has been opened in September 9th, the opening period is only 20 working days, for long-term medium and stable investors to provide the ideal target. According to flush iFinD data, established in August 2013 Changsheng long term income bonds, remarkable achievements in the past. Take Changsheng annual income bond A as an example, as of September 2nd, the fund in the past 1 years, the past 2 years, the past 3 years of yields were 7.46%, 13.96%, 28.07%, annualized return of 8.42%, while the average performance of the bond fund was only 1.63%. Why do we say that the regular open debt base set has many advantages? Compared with the ordinary bond fund, the regular open debt based product design generally adopts "closed management + regular opening" mode of operation. First of all, closed management can effectively reduce the liquidity shock caused by frequent purchase and redemption, and guarantee the product scale is relatively stable, easier to configure more secure and high-yield Quanzhong, will help fund managers focus on the long-term performance. Secondly, the leverage ratio of the ordinary bond fund can only be increased to 140%, while the leverage of the fixed debt base can reach 200%, and the high leverage ratio is conducive to improving the fund performance. Third, the closure period generally takes half a year or 1-3 years, to a certain extent, meet the needs of investors’ capital flow. It is worth mentioning that, from the perspective of investment targets, Changsheng annual income bonds mainly invest in fixed income financial instruments, not directly buy equity, warrants and other equity financial instruments, is a better allocation in the current shock city. Liquidity, the fund closed every year after the end of the opening subscription and redemption, the length of time also matched the use of funds by investors. The outlook for investment opportunities in the bond market, Changsheng mid income bond fund manager Duan Peng said, the weak fundamentals, relatively ample liquidity, low inflation and strong demand for the bond market allocation will continue to provide support, but also to pay close attention to the impact of fiscal policy, financial supervision and risk to overweight row lever the devaluation, pressure control, the monetary policy of the Fed rate hike expectations, the outbreak of the credit risk and other risk factors.

年化回报达8.42% 长盛年年收益债基开放申购-基金频道  今年以来,3000点附近持续徘徊的A股,令市场避险情绪浓厚,而债市的持续攀升使得债券基金备受瞩目。其中,定期开放债基凭借“封闭促收益、定开保流动”的多重优势聚集了超高人气,投资者可对近期打开申购的绩优定开债基重点关注。如已成功运作3个周期的长盛年年收益定期债券于9月9日已打开申购,此次开放期仅为20个工作日,为中长期稳健型投资者提供了理想标的。   据同花顺iFinD数据,成立于2013年8月的长盛年年收益定期债券过往业绩可圈可点。以长盛年年收益定期债券A为例,截至9月2日,该基金过去1年、过去2年、过去3年的收益率分别为7.46%、13.96%、28.07%,年化回报达8.42%,而同期债券型基金平均业绩仅为1.63%。   为何说定期开放债基集诸多优势于一身呢?相较于普通债券基金,定期开放债基的产品设计一般采用“封闭管理+定期开放”相结合的运作模式。首先,封闭管理可以有效降低频繁申购、赎回带来的流动性冲击,保障产品规模相对稳定,更容易配置更安全和高收益的券种,有利于基金经理专注长期业绩表现。其次,普通债券基金的杠杆比例只可以加到140%,而定开债基的杠杆可以达到200%,高杠杆率有利于提高基金业绩。第三,封闭期一般采取半年或1-3年的期限,一定程度上满足投资者的资金流动需求。   值得一提的是,从投资标的来看,长盛年年收益定期债券主要投资于固定收益类金融工具,不直接买入股票、权证等权益类金融工具,属于当前震荡市中的较佳配置。流动性方面,该基金每一年封闭期结束后开放申购赎回,时间长短方面也比较匹配投资者的资金使用状况。   对于后市债市投资机会,长盛年年收益定期债券基金经理段鹏表示,疲弱的基本面、相对充裕的流动性、较低的通胀水平及旺盛的配置需求将继续为债市提供有利支撑,但同时也要密切关注财政政策加码、金融监管排风险去杠杆、贬值压力对货币政策的制约、美联储加息预期、信用风险爆发等风险因素的影响。相关的主题文章:

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