HUAWEI GX8 landed in the United States market the bare metal price of $350 – Sohu [news] Chinese digital mobile phone at the beginning of the CES (CES) period, HUAWEI said publicly that this year will be in the United States market launch sometime — HUAWEI GX8. Today, HUAWEI GX8 officially landed in the U.S. market, bare metal price of $350 (about 2300 yuan). The listing of HUAWEI GX8 will undoubtedly further expand the overseas market of HUAWEI mobile phones, and contribute to its overseas market in 2016. HUAWEI GX8 landing in the U.S. market appearance, HUAWEI GX8 using metal body design, very high grade and taste, as shown in the picture. The configuration, it has a 5.5 inch screen, open view, resolution is reached 1080p level, equipped with 64 Qualcomm snapdragon eight processor, equipped with 2GB RAM and 16GB body memory, running Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system, but also has a 13 million pixel camera, the overall configuration are nowadays mid-level. HUAWEI GX8 HUAWEI GX8

华为GX8登陆美国市场 裸机售价350美元-搜狐数码  【手机中国 新闻】在年初的CES(国际消费电子展)期间,华为方面就公开表示将于今年某个时候在美国市场推出――华为GX8。如今,华为GX8正式登陆美国市场,裸机售价为350美元(约合人民币2300元)。华为GX8的上市,无疑将会进一步拓展华为手机的海外市场,为其2016年的海外市场贡献一份力。 华为GX8登陆美国市场   外观方面,华为GX8采用金属机身设计,极具档次和品味,如图所示。配置方面,它拥有5.5英寸大屏,视野开阔,分辨率则达到了1080p级别,搭载64位高通骁龙八核处理器,配备2GB RAM和16GB机身内存,运行Android 5.1 Lollipop操作系统,同时还拥有1300万像素主摄像头,整体配置属于时下中端水准。 华为GX8 华为GX8相关的主题文章:

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