A boy accidentally falls never put the sleeping child alone at home in "very poor! I’m afraid it can’t be saved." Yesterday, Binjiang district residents Qian Tang Fuga, speaking of a boy accidentally falls, they shook their heads. A resident told me what she knew: the boy was 6 years old. He had to go to kindergarten yesterday because he had a fever, and his parents went to work, and the baby was taken care of by his grandmother. Morning morning, the boy in the bed, Grandma see him very quiet, I went out to buy food. "Grandma buy food come back, see the child is not in bed, full of room to find people can not find, loudly call nobody to answer, and finally found the grandson on the two floor terrace." A big sister said, "she ran to the window of a small bedroom and looked down, and the child was still motionless on the terrace of the two floor……" "My grandmother was feeble, lying on the windowsill crying, or others playing 120. By the time 120, Grandma had a heart attack and was hospitalized." Residents said that the boy fell from the 5 floor, fell to the two floor platform, a uncle analysis, from the location of the room, the child should be from his own small bedroom windowsill falling. The river police station was the scene, identified as accidental falls incident. Qian Tang is the elegant high-rise buildings, each building has 33 layers, from bottom to top, the head will be dizzy. I watched, and no one was installing outdoor cages. I walked into a household, and saw the bedroom floor to the windowsill height, 1 meters above the point, for climbing nature of children, there is a security risk. The elegant Qian Tang property manager Wang said, "beyond the installation Wailimian cage, in principle is not allowed, you see, will affect the appearance of the cage like that, commercial housing is not the old district. But it’s okay to install an anti-theft window." Just now, the grandmother holding the grandson said, noon daughter called people all the windows are installed inside the anti-theft network, spent a total of 4000 yuan. I asked a lot of residents in the community, most people said that after the accident began to consider installing indoor anti-theft windows. The child was sleeping, adults go out to buy things, the children wake up to find adults Fanchuang falls what happens almost every year. Provincial child protection science director Wang Jiyue heart most children fall events classified as "children in emergency situation under the stress response, for example, after the child woke up to find his family, wanted to quickly find the family out of the room. When the door is locked, only the window open or open, he might have to leave this room from the only exit, windows, regardless of the consequences. In order to prevent tragedies from happening, adults should try not to leave their children alone at home, especially those who are sleeping. Usually should also more education of children, such as wake up found nobody at home, don’t panic, can call Mom and Dad, don’t hurry to go out to find.   want to know the latest educational information, ask the education confusion, share the education experience and experience? Pay attention to Sina, micro-blog, @ Sina, Zhejiang education, reflect your demands and discovery; or pay attention to the public number: education information (zj_edu); or join Sina Zhejiang parents’ Association, official interaction; 一位男孩意外坠楼 绝对不要把熟睡的孩子独自留在家中   “很可怜!恐怕是救不回来了。”昨天滨江风雅钱塘小区,居民说起一位男孩意外坠楼,都摇头叹息。   一位居民向我讲了她知道的情况:男孩6岁,昨天本来要上幼儿园,因为发烧请了假,孩子父母上班去了,孩子就在外婆家照看。早上八九点,当时男孩在睡觉,外婆看他很安静,就出门去买菜了。   “外婆买菜回来,看看孩子不在床上,满屋子找人都找不到,大声叫也没人搭理,最后在二楼露台找到了外孙。”一个拎菜的大姐说,“她跑到小卧室窗台往下看,孩子已在二楼露台上一动不动……”   “外婆浑身发软,趴在窗台痛哭,还是旁人打的120。120到时,外婆则心脏病突发,也紧急住院了。”   居民们说,男孩是从5楼坠下来的,坠到二楼平台,一位大伯分析,从房型位置来看,孩子应该是从自己的小卧室窗台坠下的。   长河派出所经现场勘查,确定为一起意外坠楼事件。   风雅钱塘都是高层建筑,每幢都有33层,从底层往顶楼看,头会发晕。我看了下,没有一户人家安装户外保笼。   我走进一位住户家里,看到一般卧室地板到窗台高度,1米出头一点,对有攀爬天性的小孩来说,的确有安全隐患。   风雅钱塘物业王经理说,“安装超出外立面的保笼,原则上是不允许的,你看,都像鸟笼那样影响外观,商品住宅毕竟不是老小区。但装内防盗窗是可以的。”   刚才那位抱外孙的外婆说,中午女儿就叫人把所有窗户都装了内防盗网,一共花了4000元。   我在小区问了很多居民,大部分人说,出事以后开始考虑安装室内防盗窗。   孩子熟睡时,大人外出买东西,孩子醒来找不到大人翻窗坠楼的事,几乎每年都会发生。   省儿保心理科主任医师王继跃将大部分儿童坠落事件归类为“儿童处于突发状况下的应激反应”,比如,孩子醒来后找不到家人,就想赶紧走出房间找到家人。当门锁上,只有窗户开着或可以打开时,他就可能从房间这唯一的出口��窗户离开,而不考虑后果。   为了防止悲剧重演,大人尽可能不要留孩子一个人在家,特别是熟睡中的孩子。平时也应该多教育孩子,比如醒来后发现家里没人,不要惊慌,可以给爸爸妈妈打电话,不要自己急着出去找。   想要了解最新教育资讯,请教教育困惑、分享教育经验与心得吗?那就关注新浪微博@新浪浙江教育,反映你的诉求和发现;或关注公众号:教育资讯一点通(zj_edu);或加入新浪浙江家长会,官方互动QQ群:62210056。了解更多留学资讯,请加入新浪浙江留学帮帮团qq群:280980058。 更多资讯请扫二维码 浙江教育资讯一点通  相关的主题文章:

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