Abducted children big secret identity washed a birth certificate to fry 100 thousand yuan? Baby birth certificate, that is we often say that the "birth certificate", is the first valid proof of identity information belongs to the children, parents and friends are not unfamiliar. If I want to ask you, where can I get my birth certificate? You will certainly think this problem is very funny, but reporters recently found in the investigation, the existence of a black chain of interest in the sale of birth certificate. Reporters visited five thousand km, a step for you to uncover the truth of the birth of medical evidence…… Get the mysterious birth certificate list of black market trade of the morning of September 14th, Shangguan justice crackdown volunteers visited a Ji’nan post office, put a thick stack of letters sent to the general office of the national planning commission. Shangguan justice told reporters, this is a list of more than and 600 people in the sale of medical certificate of birth, he got just over a year after the black market. The list shows that the birth certificate of all families from Fujian, and the birth certificate of medical institutions scattered throughout the country, mainly in Guizhou, Hunan, Henan provinces. According to statistics, the three local people’s Hospital, maternal and child health hospital, hospital sold a total of more than and 600 medical certificate of birth, more than and 600 "black" to help children in Fujian Province on the account. Liu Xia Cun Fuqing city in Fujian Province, the reporter found the first one on the list to buy birth certificate of the family, who named Wu Zhangwang, a daughter named Wu Yunxuan, born in November 15, 2008. Wu Zhangwang gave reporters looking to buy the original birth certificate, a license issuing agency is a MCH Hospital of Zhengzhou City, is covered with the seal of the hospital. The reporter then asked whether Wu Zhangwang is the who buy birth certificate, but he hesitated, reluctant to say. Nearly ten days, the reporter visited dozens of families on the list, every family to buy permits are remarkably similar, in order to buy a birth certificate, some people spend thousands of yuan, some even spend a few million. The children spend money to buy a card the reporter found that the unknown source or origin "in the interview, the family bought a birth certificate, the most important reason is that their children do not regular unknown source or origin, birth certificate, so they rush into danger, buy the card. Liu Xia Cun Wu of Fuqing chapter, the reporter asked him where the child was born, Wu Zhangwang’s answer was ambiguous. Where are your children born? Liu Xia Cun village cadres Xu Zhixin told reporters that Wu Zhangwang’s wife not fertility, their child is adopted. Xu Zhixin said, after Wu Wang adopted the child chapter, also want to go to the registration committee, but because the child can not provide any identity information, unknown source or origin, the village committee to look at Wu chapter registration, but only under the money bought the child birth certificate. Then the reporter visited more than a dozen families, almost every case is so. From the birth of the birth certificate of the hospital, some of the maternal and child health hospital, the people’s Hospital, some County Maternal and child health hospital, and even Township hospitals. Reporters will be reflected to the local public security organs, so that they further verification. They give the reporters to come up with;相关的主题文章:

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