Adidas new two generation coconut, than the generation of more high-profile Oh – Sohu this year Adidas has aroused a wave of waves in the sports world, the first 350 Yeezy Boost sports shoes, commonly known as "coconut" in sports movement aroused the enthusiasm, then there is the NMD series of sports shoes, let passion be more popular, in order to let the movement enthusiasm continue, Adidas had new design of the new two generation two generation of coconut coconut, so there will be what characteristics? Let’s just take a look! [when! When! When! This is Adidas’s latest two generation coconut, look! Although the appearance and generation almost, is actually very different Oh, continue to see] first two generation and a generation of coconut vamp is quite different from Oh, two on behalf of the simplified Primeknit weaving vamp joined the dark lines and bright stripes decoration, translucent outsole revealed in white bread containing Boost material. In a more sense of vision and highlights, compared to the low profile of a generation, the new members are a lot of high-profile! Then the most unique is the sole, the two generation of the appearance and generation of no difference, but the two generation on the sole use of luminous materials, night light, can be said that the club artifact slightly, compared to the previous generation of the two generation of high-profile ah, found a total of 3 colors, the grey series, is moving the charm of black, is indeed full of mystery, the color is very attractive side, no matter how are conspicuous, high-profile people must now show the two generation of a black shoe charm coconut, the overall appearance is still very popular, at least I love black and white collocation side in particular, the distinctive, is made of knitted material advanced high-profile, this is the air ah sole design is very personality, revealing the aesthetic feeling, is too great The ===============================================================相关的主题文章:

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