Hundreds of Afghan government forces and Taliban militants in Beijing in October 8 casualties news agency Xinhua comprehensive news: Afghan government forces and Taliban militants in Kunduz in a week, according to the latest statistics, the conflict has caused hundreds of casualties. The Afghan Defense Ministry issued a statement 7 informed the Kunduz war, said the Afghan security forces, even on joint air force in the city, killing 18 militants and wounded 22 people. Agence France-Presse quoted humanitarian relief agency data, said 7 days of conflict has resulted in at least 200 civilians injured in the city. The Afghan army also revealed that a man named Kari · senior Taliban commander syamsudin was killed in Kunduz. This person is considered in Taliban in northern Afghanistan "shadow governor of Takhar province". Afghan officials said, after several days of a military strike against Taliban militants have retreated to the outskirts of Kunduz. But government forces will be difficult to completely suppress it, mainly because they hide in the houses, the government forces launched a massive offensive to. The United Nations says tens of thousands of civilians fled to Kunduz this week, the capital Kabul and other places of refuge. The people trapped in the city of Kunduz are badly in need of life. Taliban militants on the 3 day of the Kunduz provincial capital of Kunduz launched a fierce attack, and claimed the occupation of the city. But the Afghan government quickly launched a counterattack to regain control of most parts of Kunduz. The US military says troops involved in helping the Afghan government troops to suppress military operations in Taliban. U.S. warplanes 6 days since the end of the armed stronghold of Kunduz around Taliban for at least 6 air strikes. Prominent strategic position in Kunduz, has been one of the key areas of armed attacks in Taliban. Afghan government forces and Taliban militants have launched several rounds around the city, causing serious casualties. In 2001, the United States launched the Afghanistan war, codenamed "enduring freedom", to overthrow the Taliban regime. This year coincides with the 15 anniversary of the outbreak of the war in Afghanistan, but far from the restoration of peace, Kunduz and other places are still facing a serious humanitarian crisis.相关的主题文章:

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