After the National Day holiday this week Jiaxing people go to this place to roll Naomeng’s national day seven days holiday, eyes open and close so the past, everyone seems to buy buy buy enthusiasm has not been completely lit! Do not worry, small pinch refers to a count, after the National Day this week, there will be a major event occurs, the city will completely release the purchase desire! As the 2016 Jiaxing leisure shopping festival happy shopping activities of the plate "Jiaxing automobile trade park first Car Buying Joy Festival" will open in October 16th October 22nd blockbuster, car brand shop special, special, special car trading second-hand car and look wonderful SUV will match all Jiaxing pulled to the east. Xiao Bian learned that this year’s happy Car Festival lineup strong, about 200 companies will participate in the event. You can not think of more than the brand, the specific look at the following figure! The Joy Festival in the form of Car Buying also differs from the previous show, were launched car brand shop, second-hand car trading and special special vehicle special, that is to say, in the Car Buying Festival, the public friend can buy a new car, can also go to the second-hand car special Amoy to treasure; they can buy domestic cars. Can also purchase freight car business, each one takes what he needs is! Of course, Xiaobian know, public friends are most concerned about the price, after all, Li Bai once said: "the money is difficult, almost inaccessible, so small in advance for you to inquire into some preferential information brands in the auto show:" Dongfeng Honda "recommended gift: old customer referrals, Car Buying successfully sent 300 time stamp element replacement ceremony: to change the car, enjoy the old customers replacement financial gift: for the car, easy mortgage interest rate of 0" Volvo "S60L human technology surging power, 212900 yuan; XC60 years 0 interest, 301900 yuan with luxury SUV; 2017 original import V40 from 196900 yuan to have V60; as you travel to escort 263900 yuan; XC90 purchase tax subsidies more than 3 years, 60 thousand, maintenance free, 603000 yuan Lexus main models ES series, comprehensive preferential 30 thousand yuan; NX series, comprehensive preferential 30 thousand and 3 ! Car Buying enjoy more send million car packs. "Changan Mazda" purchase Mazda3 Axela angkesaila manufacturers all enjoy 3000 yuan energy Huimin subsidies; the purchase of Mazda3 Axela angkesaila all countries enjoy the purchase tax cut policy subsidies; the purchase of Mazda 3 Aveo 1.6L all countries enjoy the purchase tax cut policy subsidies; buy Mazda CX-5 enjoy the highest 4000 yuan subsidy for the purchase of Mazda3 Axela; angkesaila enjoy the highest 3000 yuan subsidy; the purchase of Mazda3 Axela angkesaila and Mazda CX-5 enjoy two years interest free, low down payment for the car might be "loan" Futian Omar "Futian Omar 3, price 138800 yuan 5.2 meters of single row car light card price 120800 yuan! The original price of 131800 yuan a single row of 5.2 meters steeplechase light card price 115000 yuan! There are 4 or more than 1 million km long warranty only once every 20 thousand km maintenance ~ these are only 1.相关的主题文章:

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