Andouble said to his wife to take the pet drinks (original title: Andouble in the House Budget Committee to take up once his wife pet drinks Abe Shinzo) according to Japan’s "Daily News" reported on February 15th, in Japan on the 15 day of the House Budget Committee on the "pet food to reduce the tax rate as the object", the prime minister Andouble himself broke something interesting in the family, led all laugh. Andouble said, "you mistake your pet for your wife, and your wife has been taking it for a long time."". According to the report, Japan’s consumption tax was scheduled to be raised to 10% in April next year, to reduce the tax rate, when all the food except liquor and outside meals were adjusted to 8%. Furukawa Yuanku, the national strategy director, asked, "can the owner’s pet food be the object of the tax reduction rate"? In this regard, the Ministry of Finance believes that the food for pets is 10%, which conforms to the food indication standard and the edible person should be 8%". And Andouble said, "the essence of pet food is the same as human food.". Human food must be higher than the standard of food representation". Editor in chief: SN226

安倍称曾给妻子服用宠物饮品   (原标题:安倍在众院预算委自爆曾给妻子服用宠物饮品) 安倍晋三   据日本《每日新闻》2月15日报道,在日本15日的众院预算委员会上对“宠物食品是否作为轻减税率的对象”的探讨中,首相安倍自己爆料了家庭中的一件趣事,引大家发笑。安倍称“自己错将宠物用健康饮品给妻子,而妻子就一直长期服用”。   据 报道,日本消费税原定明年4月将上调至10%,为轻减税率,届时除酒类及外餐以外的食品全部调为8%。国家战略担当相古川元久提问“主人可食的宠物食品也 作为轻减税率的对象吗”,对此财务省认为“宠物用食品为10%,符合食品表示法基准且人可食用的应为8%”。而安倍则表示“宠物用食品本质与人类食品相 同。人类食品的话必须要高于食品表示法的基准”。 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章:

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