Apple Pay in China to finalize all fee free – within two years of Sohu financial Apple Pay and UnionPay in into fee finally reached Apple Pay cooperation for the first batch of the Chinese funded commercial banks made substantial concessions, two years from the consumer credit card fees. As early as 2014, apple and UnionPay began to discuss the issue of fee withdrawal. The negotiations were once deadlocked. Apparently, the Chinese banks believed that the standard for Apple was too expensive". Apple Pay’s conquest of the world began in England and landed in the UK market in July 2015. The vast majority of banks in the UK support this service, and more than 250000 businesses use Apple Pay. Then, in November 15, Apple Pay extended its business to Australia and Canada through the cooperation with American Express. The two countries could use NFC cards for customers who could receive contactless payments. At present, the function of Apple Pay can only be used by AMEX, and apple is still negotiating with Australia and Canada’s banks, hoping to continue to expand the market in these two countries. In Canada, Apple has communicated with six big banks, but the progress is not as smooth as expected. And in Australia, the Apple Corp says the main problem is communication with the bank’s fees. Obviously, the bank is reluctant to extract the apple from its fees, and the Australian central bank tends to let the banks invest in the new payment platform, which makes them reluctant to participate in the payment of apple. 18 days of this month, apple and China UnionPay cooperation through the landing in the Chinese market, UnionPay card users anywhere can enjoy the payment services provided by Apple Pay. The issue of cost and UnionPay obviously hinder the development prospects of apple in China, the new agreement reached its point of view, apple on the first to join the bank fee free for two years, two years after half of these banks only need to pay the standard fee, which is about 0.07%, for the subsequent addition of banks will be how to charge current is not conclusive.

Apple Pay在华手续费敲定 两年内全部免费-搜狐理财   Apple Pay和银联在手续费的分成上终于有了定论:Apple Pay对首批合作的中资商业银行作出大幅让步,两年内不抽取消费者刷卡的手续费。   早在2014年苹果和银联就开始了手续费抽成问题的讨论,谈判曾一度陷入僵局,显然中资银行认为苹果的收费标准“太贵了”。   Apple Pay的征服世界之路起始于英国,于2015年7月正式登陆英国市场。英国绝大多数银行支持这项服务,可以使用Apple Pay的商家更是多达250,000家。   随后在15年11月,Apple Pay通过与美国运通的合作将业务拓展到了澳大利亚和加拿大,这两国家持运通卡的用户可以在任意一家接受非接触式NFC支付的零售商进行消费。目前Apple Pay的功能只能通过运通卡使用,苹果方面还在和澳大利亚和加拿大的银行进行协商,希望能够继续扩大在这两个国家的市场。   在加拿大,苹果已经和六家大银行进行了沟通,然而进展并没有预期那么顺利。而在澳大利亚,苹果公司表示主要问题是和银行的费用沟通。显然银行并不愿意苹果从其手续费中提取分成,澳大利亚中央银行倾向让银行投资在新的支付平台上,这也使得他们不愿意参与苹果支付。   本月18日苹果通过和银联的合作登陆了中国市场,银联卡的用户在任何地方均可以享受Apple Pay提供的支付服务。和银联方面的费用问题显然也阻碍着苹果在中国的发展前景,就其达成的最新协议来看,苹果对首批加入的银行免两年手续费,两年后这些银行也只需要支付标准收费的一半,也就是0.07%左右,对于随后加入的银行将如何收费目前还没有定论。相关的主题文章:

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