Approaching telecommunications fraud: a college teachers and students cheated 5000 yuan daily fraud occurred frequently, in the face of tricks scam, students how to protect themselves? Reporter recently learned from the Guangzhou police, in recent years, the joint police through various "Beijing" will do to the campus security work. From January to August this year, Panyu District branch Xiaoguwei fraud police intelligence police station over the same period last year plummeted to 30%, while the district has 9 colleges in the Conghua police also revealed that the first half of this year compared with the same period last year, the fraud police intelligence fell 15.2%. Read the number of fraud before April this year of the university teachers and students daily Pai cheated 5466 yuan, according to the Tianhe District branch of Shipai community police station wearing police reports, this year 1 to April, a University of telecommunications fraud cases 26, an increase of 36.8%. The total economic losses of more than 65.6 yuan, and the average daily cheated 5466 yuan, equivalent to 182 students cheated meals every day. The victims, women are in the majority, there are 17 people, 9 men; cheated personnel of 21 students, 2 teachers, 3 people (other workers). The methods of crime are: posing as online shopping customer service, posing as public security officers, 13 cases; 5 cases; posing as relatives or leader, 4 cases; the credit card stolen, 2 cases; 1 cases; the sale of marriage fraud, examination questions and answers of fraud, 1 cases. Posing as bank customer service, Taobao brush credibility cheated up according to the Conghua police, Conghua District, a total of 9 colleges, more than 100 thousand students and teachers, in the non contact fraud police intelligence, Internet fraud and telephone fraud accounted for 56.3% and 43.7%. In the Internet fraud police sentiment, brush credibility, online shopping, posing as the three categories of people related to the situation before the police figure in the top three, accounting for the proportion of 39.4%, respectively, and 9.2%. In the telephone fraud alert, posing as bank Taobao customer service, posing as the relationship between man and the false identity (such as public security, post office) three police intelligence mostly, accounted for 52.4%, 21%, 14.3%. One case: micro-blog summer working water draw prospective students cheated light "feel very shameful, all students must also be cheated, so, he was very angry." Guangzhou, a college sophomore daughter West (a pseudonym) tells her story of being cheated. After the college entrance examination to get the admission notice, she began to play summer jobs. One day playing micro-blog, Xiao Xi received a private letter, sent to the official system, to fill out a personal information table in the draw, name, bank card, mobile phone number, home address should be written." After filling, the small West didn’t take it seriously, feel that they could not be drawn. Who knows the next day, she received a private letter, told her she was pumped in the first prize. In addition to 8000 yuan in cash, there are substantial physical prizes, add up to the value of several million. But when you see the need to pay taxes, small West did not bother. On the third day, she received a phone call, the number assigned to Beijing. Stressed that the other party must pay nearly 3000 yuan of personal income tax. "I just got the job wages, the thought of money said no prize." Small West said, the other said no, this behavior violated the laws and regulations, will take me back to investigate..相关的主题文章:

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