Around Chengdu grapefruit know them, go to the early adopters! Sohu – tourism autumn fruit fragrance of the season, bean pot already smell the smell of grapefruit, empty pick grapefruit, can enjoy the fun of picking, but also a fresh taste ~ banzhuyuan town flowers fruit in Xindu Xindu pomelo is very famous, will host the grapefruit Tourism Festival every year, in September of this year the end has been started, until December, you can have plenty of time to play. This year, the high moisture content of Xindu pomelo flavor, picked can eat! In addition to pick grapefruit can also be playing mahjong in the farmhouse, ecological delicacy taste authentic, very comfortable! Self driving route: Chengdu – North Star Road – City Road – Pujiang golden village flowers fruit Ju Shou An Zhen Jin Jia Cun Shouan is a town filled with full of idyllic place, shade trees, round heavy grapefruit hung on the branches, this season of grapefruit pure sweet crisp, taste great, intense fruit "to" wonderful good mood. This can not only enjoy the fruits of the fields covered with the landscape, enjoy the fun of picking, you can also eat Pakistan fitness fitness dam feast days, and Buddhist temple, the Catholic Church, the earth is happy to play one day! Car route: Chengdu Chengya Expressway – Shouan town – Golden Village pomelo planting base of Yongxing town in Yongxing Shuangliu fruit here very much, every season there are a lot of fruit can be picked, now is the grapefruit mature season, with the baby to early adopters is rather comfortable yo! In addition to the special picking garden, here many farmhouse can pick grapefruit, quality is not worse than Fujian pomelo, but also in the farmhouse tea, playing mahjong, very comfortable. Car route: Chengdu Tianfu Avenue – Huaqing Road – Yongxing Chongzhou town Whitehead town soil and odd farm in June, ruby, July saw the lotus, red September August pick, eat rice crab, October apple pomelo…… The 58 km long Chongzhou Daoxiang tourism link, each season has a unique "playing method". Here is a special town Whitehead grapefruit introduced from Australia Apple pomelo, tastes great, picking a tall feeling, also can take their children to catch chicken, grapefruit tea, very interesting. Car route: Chengdu Chengwenqiong speed – Whitehead export – left 50 meters of soil and the odd farm in Jintang family farm Zhao Zhenxiang Dragon Village Choi pomelo pomelo color family farm grapefruit all is the latest and best pomelo, not only delicious, but is full of treasures, grapefruit tea and pomelo peel also can be used as medicine, is the "natural canned fruit". Look at the floor of the grapefruit, is not really want to pack all take home? With the baby to the ground now pick is to eat, you can also bring a basket to go home, eat slowly also ease, grapefruit also withstand, not afraid of overdue. Self driving route: Chengdu – gold green fast track – Jintang – Zhao Zhen Long Shan Cun – autumn season, fresh and delicious grapefruit for you to pick yo ~ [Chengdu tours (WeChat ID:cdzizhu): recommended boutique travel destination. Don’t know where to go, please contact: heidou380] WeChat black pot相关的主题文章:

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