The autumn season tiling in what precautions?? some friends in winter on the shop floor, in fact, in principle, the winter is not suitable for flooring brick, because the method is not right, will be very easy to make floor tile drop. However, if you want to be tiled shop, then you need to pay attention to the following issues. ?? That winter tiles matters?? before winter tile to pass the water treatment, must make water saturated. Only in this way, the adhesive is not due to absorption and water lead to the cement bonding is not strong, and Konggu, off phenomenon. In addition, either wall or floor tiles, to the transition from outdoor to indoor after 24 hours, the temperature of material, to adapt to the indoor temperature to paving, to avoid the construction after Konggu, off phenomenon; slabs Putie should be timely goufeng. ?? Laying joint can be adjusted in the range of 2-3mm, in order to prevent the waste of materials can be selected several random sampling products on the ground of adhesion test shop, if found to have significant difference, between dimensions, brick and brick gap is not straight, chamfer is not uniformly distributed, in a brick after the adjustment is still not to achieve satisfactory results and shall timely stop laying, and in the data exchange business contact. In winter, other details of the floor tiles? Many users only look at the beautiful and the use of non – seam paving, wall and floor tiles. Or Putie tight, easy to stay hidden. The base layer, adhesive layer and ceramic tile the heat expansion coefficient difference is very big, hot and cold 1-2 tension damage, causing too dense paving tiles, etc. have fracture problem, data show that if such problems arise after re paving, the cost will be 4 times more expensive than the first paving!?? Putie tiles, leave good seam, not only can save tiles, more help to beautify the room. Especially cold winter paving, in order to prevent the next summer ‘expansion’ effect, how to reasonable paving seam, more worthy of attention. ?? Seam paving is in accordance with the real shop size random adjustment brick spacing, making the corner parts of the brick as far as possible, both beautiful and save time and money, different colors and patterns of tiles for a large area of parquet paving, paving seam can make the color transfer more natural, more eye-catching; left seam shop stick to ensure tile surface seam neat, prevent deviation caused by seam brick size deviation, affect the overall effect, paving tiles at the same time, can also prevent the brick and the ground or wall shrinkage due to different deformation, the brick arch, hollowing, fracture and other conditions, made two waste materials. The above is the winter floor tiles need to pay attention to some of the issues, I hope in the face of emergency in the decoration of the people to give a little help.相关的主题文章:

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