Bank credit card "super red Friday" to increase "oil door" bring benefits struck in October 21, 2016, Bank of Communications credit card super red Friday return again. In the face of rising oil prices in 2016, the new season "super red" will join the country nearly 2000 gas stations, for cardholders to send 50% credit card reward, the highest credit card return of up to 500 yuan, increase the "oil" door for cardholders to send preferential benefits! "Super red" plus the amount of the fare? Preferential strength since 2012, bank credit card has become the most red Friday super credit card marketing "a gilded signboard", the high popularity, the transaction amount is rising. Last year, "super red refueling" registered users over 3 million 500 thousand people, the amount of consumption on the day of nearly 400 million, an increase of 20% over previous years. According to the scene of the gas station staff description, in the day to credit card mode of consumption, almost all the use of bank cards, the amount of consumption is reached 4.5 times the usual period. While continuing to increase, the bank credit card super red Friday preferential efforts are also escalating. This time, "super red" will join hands with more than 180 domestic cities, nearly 2000 oil, Sinopec gas station refund credit card, the amount of return will be the first breakthrough 200 yuan ceiling. The credit card center of Bank of communications will gradually increase the amount of return according to the consumption ranking of the cardholder during the period of "super red" activity, from the return of 100 yuan, 200 yuan to the highest 500 yuan card fee.   first "Kaiyou" and "Overlay" online and offline credit card in addition to the traditional carnival "super red card" 50% gold return, in 2016 a new season of "super red gas" will introduce new ways to "overlay". First of all, from September 1st to October 15th, the first application of bank credit card new customers, you only need to register activities to get the gas refund eligibility in October 21st. Secondly, in the third quarter of 2016, the top 200 thousand customers of the union hedonic index will also add 100 yuan of credit card. In addition, with the in-depth popularization of mobile payment, this "super red refueling" will be derived from the scope of activities online consumption. Bank of Communications Credit Card Center and more than 10 mainstream automotive electricity supplier cooperation, in the "super red" day for the participants to provide designated goods 50% credit card consumption preferences, together to build online and offline car owners carnival. From a single credit card marketing activities, to the present "super red" has gradually expanded to a comprehensive marketing platform. The future, this "super red brand linkage model set up the stage, singing" will further expand the scope of radiation, with the help of bank credit cards and the "super red" brand appeal, and the integration of community resources to enhance the influence of the acquisition can also further broaden the scope, thus forming a virtuous cycle, to achieve the "super brand effect red" marketing platform. 交行信用卡“超级最红星期五”加大“油”门携惠来袭   2016年10月21日,交通银行信用卡超级最红星期五再度回归。面对2016年油价的不断攀升,新一季“超红”将联手全国近2000家加油站,为持卡客户送上50%刷卡金奖励,最高刷卡金返还更可达500元,加大“油”门为持卡人送出优惠福利!   “超红”持续加量 ? 优惠强力“加价”   2012年至今,交通银行信用卡超级最红星期五已成为信用卡营销的“金字招牌”,人气居高不下,交易金额节节攀升。去年,“超红加油”的注册用户超350万人,活动当天消费金额近4亿,较往年增长20%。据活动现场加油站工作人员描述,在当天以信用卡方式的消费中,几乎使用的全部都是交通银行信用卡,消费金额更是达到平时同期的4.5倍。   持续增量的同时,交通银行信用卡超级最红星期五的优惠力度也在不断升级。此次,“超红”将携手国内180余座城市近2000家中石油、中石化加油站返还刷卡金,返还金额将首次突破200元上限。交通银行信用卡中心将根据持卡人在“超红”活动累计期内的消费排名逐步“加码”返还额度,从返还100元、200元直至最高500元刷卡金。    先“揩油”再“叠加” 线上线下的刷卡狂欢   除了传统的“超红”50%刷卡金返还,2016年新一季“超红加油”将引入“叠加”新玩法。首先,9月1日至10月15日期间首次申请交通银行信用卡的新客户,只需注册活动即可获得10月21日当天加油返还资格。其次,2016年第三季度买单联盟享乐指数排名前20万的客户还将额外增加100元刷卡金。除此之外,随着移动支付的深入普及,本次“超红加油”将活动范围衍生到了网上消费。交通银行信用卡中心与十多家主流汽车类电商合作,在“超红”当日为活动参与者提供指定商品50%的刷卡消费特惠,共同打造线上线下的车主狂欢。   从单一的信用卡营销活动,到如今“超红”已经逐渐拓展为全方位的营销平台。未来,这种“超红搭台,品牌唱戏”的联动模式还将进一步扩大辐射范围,借助交通银行信用卡以及“超红”的品牌号召力,整合各界资源提升影响力的同时获取广度亦能进一步拓宽,从而形成一种良性循坏,以实现“超红”营销平台的品牌效应。相关的主题文章:

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