Baoshan Iron and Steel Group will absorb the merger of the new group intends to name the name of the Wuhan Iron and Steel Group, the restructuring is the result of the adjustment of the steel industry policy is the embodiment of the country’s intentions. In the context of the reform of state-owned enterprises, from top to bottom to promote a strong impetus to the reorganization." September 19th, the results of the upcoming reorganization of the treasure Wu Iron and steel group of news, a person close to Baosteel Group on the twenty-first Century economic news reporter said. In September 19th, the new financial leaked news that the SASAC of the State Council in August last week by the Bao Wu restructuring plan, and submitted to the State Council in early September. Not surprisingly, a total assets of more than 700 billion yuan, the annual production capacity of up to 60 million tons, the scale of the world’s top second steel giant, or will be born in the month. According to Caixin reported that the merger of the core content of the program is: Baosteel will play the role of integration, the absorption of the merger of Wuhan Iron and steel, Wuhan Iron and steel as a whole into baosteel. The newly established group intends to name "Bao Wu Iron and Steel Group", the former Wuhan Iron and Steel Group to become a subsidiary of the new group, intends to change its name to the Wuhan Iron and steel industry development corporation". However, the program is still in the process of high-level approval, merger details or the specific name of the new company is still variable. Affected by the news, *ST Shaogang two steel subsidiary of Baosteel Group’s (000717.SZ), *ST (600581.SH) on fashion, both limit blackboard close. The company has announced before December 31st this year, no restructuring. Today is the stock price changes, and the market may start again on the subsequent reorganization of expectations." The same day, analysts believe that a *ST shaoguan. Policy integration goals in a close to the people of Baosteel Group seems to be as early as the expected restructuring landing. Because the early policy has made clear. In early 2015 March, the Ministry of industry "iron and steel industry adjustment policy" to solicit public opinions put forward further organization optimization and adjustment of the steel industry structure, accelerate mergers and acquisitions, to 2025, the top ten steel enterprises nationwide crude steel production accounted for not less than 60%, the formation of 3 to 5 with strong competitiveness in the global large steel group. In April 2016, Luo Tiejun, deputy director of the division of raw materials Ministry in Beijing at the 2016 (seventh) China steel Planning Forum said, "13th Five-Year" is the iron and steel industry development planning has "to guide the development of ten major mergers and acquisitions" as one of the key. However, due to the two have become a system, the integration is also facing greater difficulty. Therefore, the merger is the first step. And then through the new platform for further integration of capacity." The source said. After the merger, the two will have enough space for capacity transfer." It is understood that Baosteel as early as 2012 and the Shanghai municipal government agreed to reduce iron production capacity by 5 million 800 thousand tons in 2017, steel production capacity of 6 million 600 thousand tons, in order to support the adjustment of industrial structure in Shanghai. Currently, Baosteel has shut down Baosteel stainless steel production line, will reduce the production of 2 million 500 thousand tons of steel; the reorganization of the material to the production capacity of Baosteel will gradually accelerate. Those close to Baosteel Group, said Baosteel’s main production base in Shanghai, Meishan, the company, Zhanjiang iron and steel base three, of which the headquarters of the Shanghai exit.相关的主题文章:

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