Beijing rental flat-share neighbor has been late due to noise stuffed murder [Abstract], flat-share neighbors are still eating and drinking noise, his girlfriend Liu went to the theory was playing the anti JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zheng Yujia) has been late into the night, flat-share neighbors are still eating and drinking noise, Liu went to his girlfriend was playing the anti theory. Under Liu a, with a fruit knife stabbed into the injured neighbors. Yesterday morning, the case in Tongzhou court hearing. According to the prosecution allegations, February 9, 2016 23 am, Mr. Liu for the flat-share and cable trivia dispute, after Liu knife stabbed by abdominal MR cable, cable, Mr rupture of small intestine mesentery of small intestine rupture, gastrocolic ligament rupture. After identification, Mr. cable body injury was seriously injured two. Liu said in court, because he and his girlfriend early on the evening, getting ready for bed, 3 neighbors flat-share are still eating and drinking, and loud. He talked to each other again no use, the "girlfriend second times to find each other when they fight with the theory, then Mr cable using a stainless steel pot to his girlfriend’s head bleeding". Liu rushed immediately returned to his house to pick up the fruit knife, stabbed three knife abdominal MR cable. Liu’s girlfriend said in testimony, she went to the neighbor’s house to let the other party quiet, "the other side said, ‘what’s the matter with you?" Then I quarreled with him. I slapped him in the face and he hit me on the head with a stainless steel pot". The case was not in court for sentencing.相关的主题文章:

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