Beijing University AIDS test box was taken less than 20% per day recycling – Sohu education in Communication University of China, placed in the toilet of the AIDS test box, with a detailed description of the use. Beijing Youth Daily News: the day before, the hospital of Communication University of China and Beijing Chaoyang District disease control cooperation, get 200 free box of anonymous HIV testing box. The hospital every day in the hospital with a layer of male and female toilets installed nearly 10 box test kit, detection kit will send you to the hospital, the query results can be on the internet. Less than a week, the school hospital has issued nearly 25 boxes of testing boxes, Yu an hospital received only 4 detection reagents, test results are negative, that is not infected. Experts said that in Colleges and universities to set up HIV quick check, can help patients early detection, early medication, very favorable for infected people. The hospital toilet placed HIV testing box in November 9th, former Communication University of China party secretary Tian Weiyi in a micro-blog message said the cooperation control school hospital and Chaoyang disease, male and female toilet floor in the hospital setting free anonymous HIV testing box. The day before, the Beijing youth daily hospital visits in the school came to pass. Above a layer of male urinal in the hospital, with a pink plastic box with a new paste, put a box of HTV-1 urine anonymous no association testing service package, monitoring box with a "free public project". Side of the service package also put a few instructions for use, the paper is a detailed list of the use of the front, the back is marked by the spread of HIV and other AIDS prevention knowledge. According to the instructions, the tester will be equipped with a urine test tube mailed to the hospital, and then according to the urine collection wooden handle bar code on the Internet query results can be. Intimate is that there is a check box to fill in the recipient’s address courier. The express list of recipient address for the Beijing You’an Hospital, sender address written production of the reagent of the company name, the detection information of the full range of protection. "Everyone in the University condom distribution machine has not been curious, but heard the school hospital put AIDS testing kits still feel very surprised." The school’s a junior boy said he and his classmates are also recognized school initiatives, which allows us to face up to AIDS, improve awareness of prevention. In micro-blog, a man named "courage ziven" the netizen said: "well, this is the humanization design, rather than a place in People are hurrying to and fro. vending machines, who feel shy to take. Too privacy should be designed in the privacy of the place, taking into account the user’s psychology." Investigation of the daily placement of the test box were taken to the school hospital why choose to place the AIDS test box in the toilet? From the school hospital related staff told reporters BYD, the branch heard Chaoyang District CDC STD and AIDS prevention to provide free HIV testing box, 200 boxes after school application. Today, the high incidence of AIDS among college students is a very serious thing, the school hospital would like to move the students to face up to this matter." The staff member, Chaoyang CDC currently only 50 boxes to detect the box, less than a week, the school hospital has issued a box of 25..相关的主题文章:

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