Beijing – VIDEO – Dianchi reproduction Qianfan compete fishermen fishing holidays like Dianchi fishermen fishing reproduction Qianfan compete like holiday [comment] September 13th morning, Yunnan nine plateau lakes of Dianchi Lake fishing. Coastal fishermen set sail, drove his idle for a year to Dianchi fishing boats. Hundreds of ships sailing and human hoisted sail, depicts the "100 Ge Yunnan, splendour Qianfan king". This year is the Dianchi lake fishing since 2012, fifth consecutive years of open lake fishing. September to October this year, Dianchi will be divided into two open lake fishing, catch large fish, after catching whitebait and shrimp. After a lapse of three years once again allowed to catch the big fish, so that fishermen are excited, Dianchi fishermen have been ready for this day. In order to have a good harvest, Kunming Baofeng villagers Li Meiyi home to spend a million to prepare new nets, also paint the boat. While fishing on the first day of the harvest, let Li Mei smile, say good luck this year. [in the same period] (Kunming, Baofeng village villagers Li Mei) to prepare the nets and cages, these are ready, ready to open the sea after the ship took the net out, went to get the fish. We are lucky this year, has taken these fish, the heart of happy. [interpretation] with the development of Kunming in recent years, the fishing village in the vicinity of Dianchi has changed. Production and life of local villagers have gradually withdrawn from Dianchi waters, fishing is not the main source of household income. Fisherman Yan Penglin told reporters that they now rely on migrant workers to support the family, fishing for them, is more like an entertainment. The same period [] (Baofeng Yan Penglin village in Kunming city) is now fishing for pleasure, fishing has been like a casual, now is not a living by fishing, usually can not play, is to open the sea these days. [comment] Perhaps outsiders do not understand, generations living in the Dianchi River "saying" what the fishermen in Dianchi, playing with fishing a kind of feeling. From the beginning of 2012, just half a month to open the lake for fishermen, like a holiday. According to the Dianchi Municipal Bureau of Kunming news, this year into the lake fishing vessels more than 1000, a record high of nearly 3 years. On the first day of fishing, fishermen from Jinning County of Kunming City, Yang Xiang with a 18.75 kg carp with "fish king" title. Yang Xiang said it could hit such a big fish, and Dianchi in recent years to achieve significant results governance inseparable. Water quality monitoring shows that in the first half of this year, Dianchi reached five types of water quality, nutritional status as a mild rich". Reporter Zhang Dao Nan Kunming reports相关的主题文章:

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