UnCategorized According to Fortune Magazine, the best places to work in Jacksonville Florida are JM Family Enterprises, Mayo Clinic and Publix Supermarkets. These organizations cater to the needs of their employees in diverse and .petitive ways by providing excellent remuneration and benefits specially tailored to fit the needs of their staff. Benefits include adoption assistance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, flextime, retirement packages and many other great benefits. JM Family Enterprises JM Family Enterprises has a long and much admired history in the Automotive Industry. They are a privately owned enterprise that offers a very attractive, long list of absolutely wonderful benefits. They are the largest distributors of Toyota and Scion motor vehicles and the world’s largest Lexus dealership. They are also the largest providers of financial and insurance products. In Jacksonville, JM Family Enterprises employs automotive personnel in their two Vehicle Processing Plants and a Ports Supply and Distribution Centre. Their .petitive benefits and amenities package includes adoption assistance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, dental insurance, flextime, healthcare and many more excellent offerings. Some positions, like that of ‘.pensation Analyst’ do require at least a Bachelor’s degree, but there are others that require certification, and still other positions only require hands on knowledge and experience. The Mayo Clinic The Mayo Clinic is a leading healthcare provider. The Jacksonville location boasts a wide range of health and wellness facilities and provides employee benefits such as job sharing, professional training and health insurance. General service transporter, and processing and distribution technician are a couple of the careers available. The latter requires at least a high school diploma and employees earn $34,660 per annum. Other entry-level opportunities that do not require a high school diploma or other educational requirements except for literacy and fluency in English are dining room assistant, custodian, food prep worker and sanitation worker. These entry-level jobs pay $24,805 per annum. Publix Supermarkets Publix Supermarkets offers an array of employment opportunities. Store management, pharmaceutical, corporate distribution and manufacturing are just a few of the departments that have vacancies at the moment. Employment benefits are eligible to all categories of staff and include: employee stock ownership plans, holiday cash bonuses, quarterly retail store bonus, group health, dental, vision and many other attractive benefits. Publix also provides tuition reimbursement for staff that wishes to pursue higher education. Publix also provides free lunches and discounts for employees. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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