"Shaking" notice to provoke Sean Lau Nicholas Tse breaking exposure collapse insurance tears entertainment Tencent jointly produced by Yindu organization Ltd, Fujian Hengye pictures, Nicholas Tse, Sean Lau, Liyan Tong, starring Mavis Fan, producer Wilson Yip, Wu Pinru directed action crime gangster large "shaking broken" to visit the national cinema in October 21st. Today, the film side released a heavy "soldiers to the block version of the poster and trailer, focused on the exposure of the" dark horse "Prince Sean Lau in the movie clips, the mystery of his character: Criminal psychologist Che Jiawei also quietly opened a tip of the iceberg. The position of the mysterious Trailer Sean Lau provoke Nicholas Tse gun collapse of the exposure, Sean Lau broke years of funny funny performances, to show people indifferent poker face, more mysterious. The trailer, he knows the heart of the concise and comprehensive lines have wide learning and a retentive memory, verbal phrase, calm narration is a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance, as easy as blowing off dust defeated Nicholas Tse’s psychological defense. From the synopsis before the exposure, two people had cracked serial murder of the official partner, in the process because of multiple coincidence in the whirling of suspicion. Disagreement from latency distrust to the identity, until two when Nicholas Tse drew a scream confrontation collapse questioned Sean Lau’s "doctor who" is full of wisdom, but also the dark side of human nature. The end of the trailer, Sean Lau is an understatement "you choose it? We have just started the game, but it is implied in the two behind the competition, a plot of the plot is rising. "Soldiers to the block character poster version also with Sean Lau as the main body, his eyes walking frame, persistent, like social elite mainstay. Unexpected is, his wrists bound by shackles, the formation of a huge contrast, seems to be jailed but confident. The poster is dark in the light of the collapsed buildings, huge shadow in the Sean Lau figure, the reflection lens, observe all eyes cold. Is Sean Lau in fanjianji or justice? The whole poster showing both ambivalence is worth pondering. The actor said with some battle planes triggered at any moment it is understood that the actor Sean Lau known as the "Black Prince", although the appearance of rough, acting is very delicate, he a person would be two times the Hongkong Film Awards for best actor in a Taiwan Golden Horse Award for best actor in the four Hongkong Film Critics Society best actor, is natural acting. Dubbed the "bad insulator," he also said on many occasions they never take the "bad" contract, the cooperation with director Wu Pinru, is a great recognition of its ability to control the film, set in an interview directly said this is a try very fresh and very exciting". According to director Wu Pinru revealed that the film wants to explore the two protagonists from the brink of death back to the world, to experience the meaning of life and existence, to borrow their experience to reveal the dark side of human nature. The two winner each Biao acting in serial murder in a nice hobble whirlpool, the identity is more evil enemy set tempt the appetite of the audience, whether to fight or Hyde? Behind the plot is the human nature of the great controversy? Xuemaibizhang.相关的主题文章:

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