Finance How good would it make you feel if every time you spend money you get a reward? Pretty good I would think, well you can, with a credit card reward scheme, but only if you know how to manage these credit cards. Credit card rewards are a great way to reward their loyal customers by given them something back every time they use their credit card. Most credit card companies give you reward points, for example say for every 10 you spend you get 1 reward point back. You can then save these points and redeem them for holidays, TVs, flights and more or even cash rebates. The credit card companies are looking for ways to make us spend more money with our credit cards and as the more we spend the more profit that the credit card companies will get. Interest rates are getting higher and do not forget the retailers as they charge them a fee of up to 2% on the amount that we spend in their premises. A cash back credit card is properly what most people go for. With cash back credit card you can purchase whatever you wish, and receive cash back, however, with point rewards you are restricted to what you can purchase. You usually receive your cash back in a lump sum each year, and many customers tend to see this as the best option. The people who can make this scheme work to their advantage are the credit card customers that never pay interest charges, as they get all the advantages but do not pay a penny back in interest. One of the best cash back credit cards on the market is the offer from American Express, their Blue card and Platinum card are two of the best cards around, you have to spend more to gain full advantage of the Platinum card spending over 7,500 to get a 2% return on every 100 spent. The best reward cards are usually self-motivated as with Virgin who will give you more value for putting your reward points, into buying airline tickets with them. Although Tesco will only redeem 50p for every 100 spent in their store means they are not exactly breaking the bank! The credit card reward scheme is not for everyone; if you are a borrower meaning that you dont pay your debt off fully each month then a reward card is not for you. The reason is the interest that they add to your account every month, will exceed the amount of points that would have accumulated on your spending so youll not benefit from this scheme. Many credit card reward schemes are now targeted to the travel market. Credit card companies look on this sector as being more lucrative for the consumer and the rewards are specifically targeted as a benefit that many people will enjoy. Supermarkets are becoming more prominent in the reward credit card environment with Asda, Sainsburys and Tesco major players allowing consumers to charge their reward points to their weekly shopping bill. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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