Canada’s largest immigration fraud: thousands of Chinese immigration fraud exposure in Vancouver want to find an intermediary to do a small number of immigrants, some black intermediary is fancy this point, specifically to defraud Chinese money. One is called Canada’s largest in the history of immigration fraud surfaced, October 28, 2016 (Friday) three in Richmond Ms. referred to in the thousands Chinese Canadian immigration application documents fraud to cheat permanent residency and citizenship. Suspected unlicensed Chinese immigration consultant Wang Xun (Xun Wang, transliteration) 3 Chinese female staff business fraud in court Friday, including Jiang Wen (Wen Jiang, transliteration, the same below), Wu Mingkun (Ming Kun Wu), Ma Jin (Jin Ma) and other 3 people were charged with deliberately misleading, forgery and tax fraud 12 charges. Prosecutors asked the judge sentenced 3 people to prison for 3 years, one of whom will be repatriated. The defense lawyer they refer to the Department of immigration has pleaded guilty, request commuted to two years less a day, and in prison. Wang Xun mastermind sentenced to 7 years in prison. What is the cause in 2010 years, Edmonton Immigration Bureau (Edmonton) found 63 cases PR card renewal application from a home address, then the Canada Border Service Agency sent raided mastermind Xun Wang operated by the Immigration Consultation Company New Can Consultants and Wellong Investment.: refers to 3 people have been making millions of dollars of interest prosecutor Macdonald (Bonnie MacDonald) told the judge that they are offering New Can Consultants Wang Xun in high temperature (Canada) and Ltd. Wellong International Investments Ltd. two unlicensed employees of Immigration Consultation Company, are unlicensed immigration adviser, they were suspected of fraud in hundreds of customers to update the card or naturalization, for more than one million yuan profit. Mike Tang Wang Xun instructed the Nasdaq, including Jiang Wen, surprised, for the customer fraud trick is include: the guest passport sent to cover China false exit chapter; false passport is lost to re apply for a new passport; using fake companies, fake employer files or even school records, for many "astronauts" family and children posing as people in Canada this country, to help customers to update the card or apply for naturalization to the immigration department. According to statistics, Wang Xunyue for 1200 customers to update the card or fraud in the naturalization, for more than 10 million yuan of profits. In addition to outside plus a fine of 5 to 100 thousand yuan, the prosecution alleged, Jiang Wen and other 3 individuals have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions, but they failed to Canada tax bureau (CRA) to declare, even for a few million tax rebate and children welfare. Macdonald stressed that this is her impression of Canada’s biggest immigration fraud, not only hurt the country’s immigration system, and damage the interests of the taxpayers, the 12 most severe charges, she asked the judge sentenced 3 defendants sentenced to 3 years, another fine)相关的主题文章:

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